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Need some advice on Food fot Type 2

Dear all, I need some advice on fcholesterol earntrol of diabetes. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I am 45 yrs old. My FBS was 270. I was taking metformin 500mg . It has come down to FBS 180 to 190. hba1c was 9.1 yesterday. Dr prescribed kombiglyze XR which has 2.5mg saxagliptin and 1000mg metformin. I have been experiencing pain in my forearms and occasional pain in pelvic area. Dr suggested to go with this tablet to bring down hba1c to 8 at least and to stop the pain.

I am a south indian from tamil nadu. Have a family history of diabetes. I am a vegetarian. After having been diagnosed I changed my diet and cut down rice/pasta/bread almost completely. Break fast 1 chappatti or ragi dosa or broken wheat pouridge with a cup of chick pea brown boiled or two slices of processed chees slices. Sometimes drink 1 tumbler of milk tea with no sugar.

lunch switched to salad with mix of vegetables with lemon and pepper. Sometimes mix them with sambar. Dinner 1 chappatti or dosai with chutney or sambar. 1 cup milk tea n no sugar.

Dr also mentioned that though my cholesteral is ok it needs to be brought down. I was eating two omelets a day in the morning deviating from my full veg routine but have stopped as due to its gastric implications.

If I want to follow LCHF diet I am stuck with limited options. My wife is stuck as well.

I used glucometer to measure everyday for sometime. But my FPS hovers around 160 to 190 mostly. The only time it came to 103 post meal after i jogged for 10kms. I lost 4 kgs in 3 months after cutting down bread and rice.

I request the forum to provide some suggestions on how to control and bring down the FPS. Is walking or running a must ?

Any veg diet suggestions. I found some from this forum. Some others would be helpful. I am struggling with hunger in 2 to 3 hours after having salad during lunch. Nuts fill some but taste buds long for better something. I am a non smoker and I do not drink.

To sum up need some advice on,

Control of BS (it sounds like bullshit)

Some veg meal suggestions

exercise requirements

cholesterol control suggestions.

Appreciate your kind and valuable suggestions. Apologies for such a long post.

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There is lot of information on LCHF diet on this forum. Search here and visit the following sites.



There is lot of vegetarian diet posts are available here.

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Control of BS : It seems you have been taking Metformin in a higher doses. It does have side effects. Speak to your doctor and switch to Human Mixtard 30/70 insulin. The no. of units and no of times you need to take shots should be decided with your healthcare professional. This will control the BS which you can monitor with glucometer and decide the doses.

Some veg meal suggestions: South Indian Veg mill is OK if you have moderation in carbohydrates and more green, leafy organic vegetables.

exercise requirements: Walking is best for most people. 30 to 40 minutes of brisk walk. at least twice a day.

cholesterol control suggestions.: use omega 3 supplements. Control of BS and Omega 3 would give you good results. Check them.

Dalchini (cardamom)- a spice easily available in south, Turmeric are good for sugar and inflammation control. Stress Management, remaining occupied and worry free is important. Regular bowel clearing is equally important. Fresh Aloe vera leave, washed and thorns removed is eaten for good colon health, and other health benefits.

Talk to you health care professional- before you follow this for your own good.


Hello Dr Prakash

I am 51 years old and I have sugar last 12 years my height is 166 cm and my weight is 166 cm

I heard that if we take insulin and further no possibility that go to oral tables .is it correct? because once we use insulin then after body will not accepted the tables treatment ?

what are the side effects if we use Metformin500 mg in before meals and 750 mg in after meals in the morning and evening

also even after take this tablets some time my sugar level go to 190 in fast .

please advice me




cut your diet calories, particularly Carb. Your calorie intake is not more than 500 Kcal for few months.

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The Insulin 30/70 was suggested because you already have a higher dose of oral medication without Fasting BSL below 100 and Post Prandial below 180-90. Choice is yours with the advice of your health care professional. The present level of sugar for example fasting 190 is very high. You should learn more about BSL and advisable levels of fasting and PP and see how to achieve them. In my opinion insulin is recommended. Any way the tablets do the same job of inducing pancreas to secret insulin. when you rich higher level of oral medication the only alternative for controling BSL is exercise, diet, meditation, and if not insulin. Thanks.


Actually in summer season, body require very less energy. It require energy to make organ function'sand even body absorb heat from atmosphere. It may be possible that some weight may be reduced but as my study on first system consumed internal fat from Blood veins, Leaver & pancreas thus their function will improve. As & when person feel that he require more calories, he can take from Oil seeds ( Ground Nut, Till etc, these are balanced 50% fat, 25% Protien & 25% Carb) , Nuts etc. One more dish can be enjoyed - Paneer - chhena - 40 Grams + Cold Pressed Flex seed Oil - 5 to 10 ml ; Mix this in Mixer and that mix some chopped fruits - like Mango, chikko, Banana, Pineaple , Pomgranade, or soaked dry fruits ( 10-30 Grams) as per taste. This is very helpful in Diabetes.

30 Minutes waling in Morning Sun Rays without upper cloths is also much useful, as defficeincy of Vitamin D is also one of cause to become diabetes.


I gave up being a vegetarian and it has helped me bring down blood sugar average from > 285 in January to < 140 as of last month. There is nothing as good as Low carb diet but I still am on medium carbohydrates and zero blood glucose regulating medicines. My diet plan is available on this forum. efar52@gmail.com [If curious, I can enmail it to you]


please email your diet plan in my email id velmurugan20110@yahoo.com


Emailed a few minutes ago. Feisal


How can we achieve A1C < 5.6 , I am on LCHF Diet from many months, even reduce calorie intake but still my A1C was 7,00 on 30-3-14.


Dear V S Kumar,

As per my experience first of all avoid wheat and any type rice together, walk at least 3 to 4 kilometer with target to complete within 30 minute ,don't running but have bricks walk, do not use sugar substitutes, batter use old gud, old one is batter,

Take food in part mean after every 4 hours u should eat very small quantity, if you are having seating job, one more important engage your self physically as well as mentally engaged , I use to,take 250 mg metformin after lunch only, my result is FBS 97 to 117 and PPBS 148 to 171 and hbac 1- 6 only regards


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