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An Update


Yesterday I posted 'A Weird Experience' wherein I had mentioned an incident of hypoglycemia. I had felt it was weird because I had expected the opposite effect with two pieces of sweet mango and a dark chocolate in addition to my normal 100 grams of carbs the previous day. As per Medfree;s advice I followed the same diet yesterday with the exception that instead of mango I had a big banana. I reduced insulin dose from 10 units to 7 units.This morning my reading was 125. I feel; if I had stuck to my 100gms of carbs (avoiding the banana and chocolate) my reading would have been perfect. Comments welcome.

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Why do you want to experiment with mango, banana and dark chocolate ?. Stick to your usual LCHF diet and usual dosage of medicines .If any diet gives abnormal glucose response it should not be a part of your diet .Your aim should be to avoid spikes and lows ,both of which are not good for diabetics

Thank you, I agree with you.


Any particular reason, why you replaced mango with banana in the repeat experiment ?


georgekuttickal in reply to Hidden

No particular reason, just that mango was not available at the time.

While following lchf constant monitoring is a must and quickly arrive at a comfort level. Frequent jugling with diet and medicines causes confusion. In my case lchf alone w.o. medicine was not successful as I started losing weight (already low weight). I follow a combination off both.

norreal in reply to Nane

Nane: Fibre, Calorie, Glycaemic Index and Glycaemic Load along with Frequency of eating/ maximum gap between meals (I take two snacks between Dinner & Breakfast) have to be looked into. Though I take between 250 - 300 grams of carb, WITHOUT mEDICINES I have been able to bring down my blood glucose average of over 285 in the beginning of 2014 to under 140. My daily calorie requirement is 2,250 for weight maintenance. My BMI is 20.6 and I am 61 going onto 62. Till December 2013 I was inhaling about 55 cigarettes a day. We are unique and one rule does not apply to all.

plus in reply to norreal

Thanks for the input.

Nane in reply to norreal

My point is there should be quick assessment of what is suitable to individual needs and sticking to it. Frequent experimenting only causes confusion. In my case, i found i need to eat little more than the prescribed lchf for keeping my weight stable (which is low already) The balance I struck is reduced medicine, and lchf.

norreal in reply to Nane

Nane: I have a similar experience to report. It happens after I have shed a little weight. missing a few hundred calories for a couple of days brings my weight down by a pound. And it has been so for forty years or more. D is only a recent thing.


I find it complex situation. Probably if some outcome occurs thrice, drawing inference relevant to you may make some sense. Generalizing on one event is a little...!

Diabetes is a medical condition and varies from person to person depending on his or her constitution and other physical and metabolic charcteristics. It is quite unpredictable how in your case Hypo occurred especially with regular systematic dose of insulin. For example, I had undergone CABG in 2009 and being a diabetic the diabetologist gave verying doses of insulin not exceeding 10 and 15 mg. While my food intake was poor soon after CABG, the isugar level came down to 80 mg in the morning at 4 A>M and the nurse on duty ran and brought sweet limejuice thinking that I had hypo. But as reagrds mr, I never felt any signs of Hypo although doctors thereafter were cautious..

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