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Are these readings normal?

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Hi All,

Hope you are doing good.

Below are my readings for the last 2 days.

Yesterday, when I took my fasting blood sugar reading on the glucometer, it was 101. I took another reading in the next 1 minute by using the same blood. It took me one minute to change the strip and this time it was 70.

Today, I had sprouts in my breakfast (200gm) plus 6 to7 almonds, after 50 minutes I had 1 cucumber weigh (180gm), and I took my reading within 10 minutes and it came as 101.

In my dinner I had 2 idli's weigh around110 gm each + 1 bowl sambhar (250gm). I took my reading exact after 1 hour and the reading was 123.

What would be the reading of a normal person if he/she ate the same dinner and took a reading after an hour?

Please reply! :-)

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It shows that one can't depend on the glucometer any more .Many cases have been reported like this . you are not diabetic any way .The diet is ok . Go for walking for 20 minutes , take balanced reduced food and go to lab for tests once in a week . Cost wise it does not make any difference .Once you make a chart of low GI foods , and calculate the amount of food you have to take , there is no need for making tests so many times , unless you find any difference in the results of weekly tests .

You are not diabetic. After an hour reading should be <140 and after 2 hrs it should be <120.

A normal person reading is exactly the same as yours after dinner, are you sure you are diabetic?.

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Dishant in reply to Aditya17

No I don't thinks so that I am a prediabetic, I was alcoholic and I used to drink whisky every night for last 3 to 4 months and I used to have rice in my dinner most of the time, I was over weight, earlier I was 88 kg now in last one month I have reduced 6.5 kg, it is just that one day I was facing problems while I was urinating, I went to the doctor he gave me some medicine I took those medicine's for three 2 to 4 days then I went to my hba1c test and it came as 5.9. Fasting insulin serum count is 11 and my OGTT test report was normal, my my highest fasting sugar is 105, it never went above this level in last one month & whenever I went for my pp it was always in normal range, couple of times I had 100gm of sweets and after 2 hours whenever I took my reading it always came in a normal range.

I think my hba1c count was high because of my continuous alcohol & rice intake and my fasting insulin serum was high due to my weight.

When I went for my hba1c test I was having infection in my body as I was suffering from urine infection and I was also on antibiotics!

Nobody is giving me a right answer its been more than a month now can you please help me out in this.

Its not about the diabetic condition as I know that I am not a diabetic it's just that I want to know whether I am prediabetic or not.

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Aditya17 in reply to Dishant

Relax don’t beat yourself up.. get a blood glucose monitoring machine at home and take your readings before and after meals and wake up ones, get a hba1c done and the. Let’s see

You are very much non diabetic by all test...

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There is no such thing known as prediabetes . Diabetes is a life style disorder and when a person goes beyond the norms and limits of normal life , the body reacts with certain variations in the parameters . It is not pre diabetes . It is a revolt of of nature . First you should get rid of this fear psychosis . The medical fraternity with collusion with pharmaseutical industry invented this malady . If you are so scared of the condition or disorder known as diabetes , limit your drinking to just one peg , take nutritive diet , go for walk for 20 minutes per day , do pranayama , listen to beautiful music , try to reach out to the people who are in real problems . The kick given by seeing happiness in others' faces gives so much of happiness that is not comparable with any thing in the world . You are wasting your strength , energy , capabilities by indulging in self pity . You are perfectly normal. Take daily a small chocolate which works on your Serotonin levels

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Dishant in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it.

As lt is there is nothing to worry.

HbA1c value of 5.9 is on the borderline. Different people will say different things. It is upto your discretion what to take account for. HbA1c value <5.7 is normal. You need to take care of your diet though your OGTT is normal. HbA1c 5.9 shows you have a tendency to become diabetic in future and sooner if you do not take care of yourself diet wise, alcohol wise, activity level wise and stress wise. I think you should stop taking alcohol, though wine can do. Habituate yourself to remain stress free because stress brings many diseases due to imbalance of hormones under stress.

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Dishant in reply to Ashka9

I have stopped drinking alcohol, and many research says that if your hba1c count is below 6 then u fall under normal range.

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Ashka9 in reply to Dishant

For people without diabetes, the normal range for the hemoglobin A1c level is between 4% and 5.6%. Hemoglobin A1c levels between 5.7% and 6.4% mean you have a higher chance of getting diabetes. Levels of 6.5% or higher mean you have diabetes.


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Dishant in reply to Ashka9

If u drink 200 ml. Whisky every night for 2 to 3 months and if u eat rice in your dinner most of the time then can these things increase your hba1c count and take it up to above its normal range.

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RahulChoubey in reply to Dishant

upto some level ,if u r over weight ,bring down to the level ,everything will be normal

Don’t try like you are passed test as directed by doctors and standards fasting sugar test after not eating for eight to ten hours minimum eight hours and post lunch exactly after two hours then doctors may compare with acceptable laid down standards

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