10 Beers That Keep You Healthier

10 Beers That Keep You Healthier

Beers have had a reputation of bad-for-you beverage. But are there beers that can be healthy? Yes, there is GOOD NEWS for Beer Lovers because beers can actually be a healthier drink choice. Ok, that doesn’t mean you live on beer day and night. It should still be an occasional drink. There are multiple benefits of beer like:-

It can be nutritious.

It contains vital nutrients like potassium (92 mg), calcium (14 mg) and of phosphorus (48 mg).

It prevents diseases.

Here is an exclusive list of healthy beers you can choose from without worrying about its ill effects.



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6 Replies

  • Beer is like liquid bread. It may contain some nutrients, but so does excrement. The carbohydrate you ingest from beer would be better obtained from real food, especially vegetables.

    Drinking alcohol encourages urination, that will contribute to blood glucose imbalances; just what a diabetic doesn't need.

  • We completely agree to the reply from "concerned". The article doesn't endorse or encourage drinking beer as a healthy activity. For those who already drink beer, it just presents better alternatives. Alcoholic beverages are completely discouraged for diabetics. For more information, visit:


  • alcohal in any form is ultimately bad for diabetics.

  • I disagree with all three commentators. Empirical evidence proves to me that alcohol, far from being bad, could actually be good. Of course, strictly in moderation. Spirits, not beer, though.

  • I have used the word ULTIMATELY . It is true and still u want to continue please go ahead and you will come to know.

  • I have known plenty of people who drink regularly & it doesn't affect their blood sugar at all. Neither does it affect mine, btw. In fact, Alan Shanley of "What the heck can I eat" fame actually drinks red wine along with his meals to assist in his blood sugar control. Yes, I will do exactly what I think is right w/o giving a second thought to your biased opinion. Cheers !!

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