10 Beers That Keep You Healthier

10 Beers That Keep You Healthier

Beers have had a reputation of bad-for-you beverage. But are there beers that can be healthy? Yes, there is GOOD NEWS for Beer Lovers because beers can actually be a healthier drink choice. Ok, that doesn’t mean you live on beer day and night. It should still be an occasional drink. There are multiple benefits of beer like:-

It can be nutritious.

It contains vital nutrients like potassium (92 mg), calcium (14 mg) and of phosphorus (48 mg).

It prevents diseases.

Here is an exclusive list of healthy beers you can choose from without worrying about its ill effects.


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  • if beer contains potassium(92mg)as blogged, it is definitely harmful to the kidney .Specialists say high potassium should be avoided by all specially diabetics who are already stressed with high kidney load.

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