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diabetes and sex life


diabetics generally have sex related problems like loss of libido,ED,infections of genitals etc.there are many misconceptions of diabetes like this is the death warrant issued by Mr. Yamraj waiting to be served,and on top of this attack on MANHOOD.Oh, hell,life has become so difficult,and this brings depression.Nothing to worry.Temprary impotency is also a symptom of diabetes.But you can win it over.Just keep your BS under control,do yoga ,pranayam and meditation to ward off depresson.Suryanamaskar and Dhanurasan are best as they activate your edocrine glands which secrets testotoran into your blood .Do not go to quakes or purchase sex enhancing medicines advertised in papers.If required, go to the doctor and get a dose of testotoran.There may be other reasons also.Many people do not know that like woman having menopause,men also have a condition called ANDROPUSE.It is very common after the age of 40.Like decrease in production of insulin causes diabetes,decrease in production of testotoran causes impotency.And it is treatable.In Ayurveda Ashwgandha, konch beej and musli powder taken with milk is excellant remedy.Big companies cheat the people by mixing these powder in milligrams,make a capsule and charge exorbitant price.whereas these powders are available in market costing Rs.35 for ashwagandha(100Gms),konch beej powderRs.35(100 Gm) and safed musli powder about 250(75 gms) and this mixture will last about two months taken 5 gm daily.So give yourself auto sugesstion that you are perfectly fit and enjoy life.( This is my personal experience of 16 years of diabetes.

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Thank you. i am residencial manager in a 2star hotel. my family is residing at 180km away from my work place. i have been going to see my family once in a month.i am taking pills for diebetic regularly.i hav sexual problem like,one time energy for four days. l want to make it continuously. my age is 49.in younger stage i was an alchocolic. please help me to rectify it

million doller advice thanks

Higher Blood Sugar alone may not be reason for poor sexual life. In most of T2DM cases, there is higher Serum Triglyceride. Higher TG is also one of the reasons for Higher BP and poor blood circulation. This is reason for poor sexual life.

We have to find a natural cure for reducing TG (mostly Statins are recommended to lower TG) which lowers Blood Sugar also.

Yes, there is such food is available.

I liked the suggestion given by Kamtadale.Thanks a lot. I would like to know what is konch beej?

konch beej is a forest product.Its botanical name is Mucuna Prurita.It is also called Kirmich in local laungage.It has brown hairs on its pods which are very dangerous if comes in contact with skin.Its fruits are totally harmless.It is very potential aphrodiasic.I purchase it from outlet of MP State Minor forest produce coop fed because it is cheap and ensures purity.It should be taken alongwith Ashwagandha and safed musli powder available at Baba Ramdev's outlets.It MUST be taken with milk because these are hot in nature.

thanks for u r suggestion i have 15 diabetic and now a days i loss sex tthanks once again

doctorversha every thing was fine till a few years back though I was having diabeties from last 25 years . It started with less erection than before and it decreased gradually then I consulted a doctor who told me to under a medical test . From the medical report he said , that the flow of blood is less so the erectile problem. I am physically a fit man , I go in for daily exercises also , Except this problem there is no problem at all and I have great urge for sex also but can't do properly. Kindly suggest if you have any solution.


Please let me know in what proportion Ashwagandha,konch beej and safed musli powder is to be mixed for the perfect medicine'

kamtadale in reply to pcg1944

ashwgandha konch beej churna and safed musli churna should be mixed in equal quantity.It MUST be taken with milk because konch beej is hot in nature.Please remember ayurvedic medicines are not like allopathic medicine....pop a tablet and see the results in 15 min.Ayurvedic medicines are slow acting,without side effect( unlike viagra) but give longlasting results.

hello, i want to know if the products of baba ramdev are geniune like ashwangandha and safed musli powder and if not which company's product are trustworthy i'm really confused about this. And if any geniune product of kaunch beej is available ,please suggest.

Sir, I'm thankful for ur suggestions and immediately reply..

Is there any restrictions on a certain diet?Example: potato in veg and non veg for diabetes

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