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Pre diabetic and passing urine freqently but always in A/c room

I am pre diabetic and my fasting sugar level comes always around 150 mg But Hba1c level is always around 6.75 only and average is around 100mg only. Am i a prediabetic and passing urine freqently may be due to my A/c room dewlling always or due to diabetic symptom. Skin itiching in morning at the back may also due to A/c room accomadation always. I do not know whether I am right or wrong. guide me

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Mr. medfree.. Where are you? without you this forum is incomplete. I can give 100 % credit to you for curing my diabetes as well as reducing my medicines. Please help other diabetic patients by giving your valuable comments. You were interested to start your own setup for the same purpose. Can I be of any help to you . Or otherwise please give me your contact details to contact you.I have got clippings of your comments which I keep on reading from time to time.


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