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It was way back in 1980, my doctor for a routine check found that my fasting sugar was 123 and he declared I am diabetic ( the doctor knew that my family is diabetic). With a small dose of medicine my fasting blood sugar was back to 90. But I did take my doctor seriously. With an aim to maintain 'fair control' ( not good control mind you) of my diabetes after 33 years now I take two insulin shots, (5units Lanthus + 10 units Normolip and 500 Glycomet 2); I keep my blood sugar level between 130 - 180 but on festive occasions it does go up to 200+ and the control is still Fair. What I have done is change my lifestyle ( no smoking since the age of 40, no drinking since 45) Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like an office clerk and dinner like a pauper. Break down three meals to five each day. But my nerves are shot, pain and bad bowel movement is the result. I do not take pain killers, manage by increasing the pain threshold, take as much of the fiber I can, and do Pranayam. And meditation. In totality, I think I am better off now at 77 than when I was 54. Removal of Cataract ( of both the eyes at 60), fix up my crumbling teeth by capping ( at 70 ) and a double bypass heart surgery at 74 about summarizes my medical history. The moral is "as you age body will wear and tear" with or without diabetes, repair these damaged best you can and open your mind to the beauty of God's creation.


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  • Great blog.A positive attitude goes a long way in managing diabetes.For me,this is inspirational.

  • Dear Mr Ajitchaliha! I have seen your say on the state of your health. In short yours is crisp, straight and sharp to the point by revealing yourself as a man of dashing and dynamic personality. You are right on the particular point whether there is diabetes or not there would be one kind or the other of physical problem. And the best part of your say is you have decided to face it with grace and determination. Shall I add one more point of my own understanding? At one point of time and whether we accept or not the effectiveness of medicines would be reduced and we may have to depend on our self for sound and active health. Hence as far as possible please make hard work as part of your personal life and also please undertake meditation every morning and evening. Now please accept my congratulations on your successful way of leading human life to the fullest brim. Because dragging and prolonging life is different from enjoying life. You young man! You belong to the second way of life.

  • Thanks & yes you hit the nail on the head.

  • You are welcome sir!

  • you are a medical university for diabetics.keep going .LONG LIVE HAPLY .


  • Thanks Nat

  • Withexercises,walking and jogging ten kms/day ,doing prayanama and asanas I have a positive control of my dia type 2. My blood sugar after five hours of meals comes to 90 and and I eat all types of food and fruits.

  • Good for you Gilkashmirsingh, keep it up the good work. I wonder for how long you have diabetes. Up to ten years things are easy, but after that depending on the standard of control you maintain, complication starts. With me, (diabetic for 33 years) the first of the secondary complication showed up was indigestion, bloated feeling, constipation, gas, etc. etc.. You can have temporary relief with use some medicines, but true control will come only by changing your life style and food habits.

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