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Qualified doctor for treating Type II Diabetes


Can somebody advise me which doctor should I approach for my Type II diabetes treatment? It looks like every Tom, Dick & Harry is thinking that they can treat diabetes. I am saying so because I met couple of doctors who created doubts in my mind. Despite of my efforts, my sugar level is not coming down and feel that doctors are just continuing same medicines with little change. By the way, I am Type II diabetic since 11 years.

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You have not indicated your hometown.How do you expect anybody can suggest a good doctor?But,you can look for a dedicated diabetes hospital with an attached accredited lab,dietician,visiting eye and heart doctors.They would be having necessary expertise and experience.

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Hi, I am from Mumbai. Was on medicines and now taking insulin along with medicines. If anybody can advise me well qualified doctor, it will be a big help. Till now I came across doctors who are more interested in their fees rather than guiding me or taking precautionary steps to avoid further diabetes related complications.

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With due respects to all Doctors, you have to take charge of your diabetes. Please try to learn as much as practically possible about this metabolic disorder and the important roles of diet, physical activities and stress in managing the conditions. Armed with your knowledge, you can deal with the Doctors more meaningfully. Unfortunately, most of the Doctors go by outdated rule book which make us more and more dependent on medications and insulin.

As a first step, i would request you to learn about Low carb Lifestyle. There are lot of information available on our website and on the internet in general.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions in this forum if you have any regarding diabetes and their management.

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And most of the doctors don’t know about low carb high fat diet which gives best results.

With due apology, before blaming doctor let us understand what is diabetes.It is a metabolic syndrom disorder of carb. So reduce carb & increase good fat to compensate your energy requirement.Follow LCHF diet.Your dose of insulin will come down.Do not disclose it to doctor.Do some exercise with your meter and type and quantity of food. You will succeed. Thanks


Follow what praveen55 recommended. You have to know and manage your D. Doctors would just scribble few medicines and won't advice about diet. Whereas the fact is that t2d can't be cured, controlled or reversed with medicines only. And if you improve your eating habits and go for idm you may probably not need or need very little medicines.

First get lab reports and sonoscans done to know your disease. Yes. Any tom dick and harry if has enough knowledge about diabetes and diet can help you.

Gud luk.

I have been T1 for 52years this June. I have had superb care from NHS staff & DRs. I now try to educate student Drs, Chemists & Nurses at local university's (volunteer). Low carb if I was T2 !

I can understand your confusion regarding what steps to take to manage your diabetes. First of all, I would like to say you have to take charge of your diabetes instead of depending on any doctor. Doctor can just prescribe medicine or at the most advise regarding diet. But you have to find by trial and error, what kind of diet suits you best. Just control diet along with medicines. Just my suggestions are....Stop all flours ...no chapati if possible or you can have it twice a week... you can eat rice once in a while in small amount and other whole grains like pulses and beans ..take moong beans. other options are make porridge from pulses and wheat flakes (dalia) or jowar dalia. That is best. Jowar is best to tackle diabetes. Eat more vegetables with dalia or add veggies in dalia itself. If you are non-vegetarian, you have more options where you can go for low carbs and take eggs etc...

follow low carb diet and start counting carbs in each meal as a beginning to have an idea how much carbs raises how much blood sugar ...if you measure after eating each different type of food.

Eating 35-40 g of carbs in each meal reduces insulin resistance and hence improve your blood sugars substantially. If you eat 3 meals a day, you should not be eating more than 120 g of carbs in a day. You can google carb content of each food to know initially.

Eat peanuts everyday if you feel hungry between meals.

I suppose what' ramana42' has suggested is the correct suggestion. Whatever exercise or food habits we follow , we may have to get the advice of a doctor for continuous well being . so I consider his as best.

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