Tippateega for Diabetes (Botonical Name: Tinospora Cordifolia)

Tippateega for Diabetes (Botonical Name: Tinospora Cordifolia)

Tippa Teega (Tinospora cordifolia): many researchers found Tippa Teega is mostly helpful to control blood sugar level in Diabetes. It also helps to check in Fevers like Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid. Just Chewing 1-2 leaves of Tippa Teega (Tinospora Cordifolia Guduchi) in the early morning and in the evening should bring down the blood sugar levels in diabetes. According to the study conducted by United States Dispensary in 1918, this plant has a long history in using as a medicine for many Diseases in India especially for Diabetes. for details please visit: happylifestyletips.com/tipp...


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  • Hepatitis: Tinospora cordifolia, well known as Guduchi (Tippateega ) is a herbal medicine as a hepatoprotectant, which protect the liver from damage that caused by toxins, and also from Hepatitis ( Jaundice).

  • Where can one get this Tippa Teega (Tinospora cordifolia). Please indicate.


  • This is available in ayurvedic shops as powder/ leaves. it is also available with Shrusutha Ayurvedic a famous diabetic ayurvedic medicine manufacturer of SUGAR KNOCKER from Dharwad Karnataka as said by Prof Dr. Hegde Gold Medilist in Cardialogy and a Member of AIMS. ND and othercountrie medical boards also.

  • can you give the mail id or the address of this ayurvedic manufacturer so that i can talk and order medicine.

  • The Ayurveda shop which provide this medicine in Powder form is in Kothi Hyderabad, Name K. Narsing Rao No. 09866617559

  • Can anyone tell the tamil name of Tippa Teega? The creeper in the picture looks like the

    one called 'muthaamani' in tamil. Am I right? .

  • Dear Veekayar,

    It is commonly known as "Amruthavalli" . It is a creeper. It is commonly known as as Amruthavalli and it is a very effective medicine for controlling diabetic.

    P. Vishwanath iyer


  • Thank you Sir. I will find out "Amruthavalli".

  • Tamil : சீந்தில் கொடி Shindilakodi / for details please visit: happylifestyletips.com/tipp...

  • Archnaji, I know Seenthil kodi but I didn't know that it is Amruthavalli. Thank you so much.

  • Tamil name for Tippa Teega " சீந்தில் கொடி Shindilakodi"

  • Take care of your Teeth and Mouth - Diabetes and Your Mouth

    4 Signs You May Have a Problem

    Diabetes puts you at risk for dental problems. It impairs your ability to fight bacteria in your mouth. Having high blood sugar encourages bacteria to grow and contributes to gum disease. You may have gum disease if you have:

    Gums that are red, sore, bleeding, or swollen, or that pull away from your teeth

    Loose teeth

    Chronic bad breath

    An irregular bite or dentures that don't fit well

    Control Diabetes to Keep Your Smile

    Well-controlled diabetes contributes to a healthy mouth. If you have poorly controlled or high blood sugar, your risk increases for dry mouth, gum disease, tooth loss, and fungal infections like thrush. Since infections can also make your blood sugar rise, your diabetes may become even harder to control. Keeping your mouth healthy can help you manage your blood sugar.

    See Your Dentist Regularly

    People with diabetes are prone to oral infections. You should get dental checkups at least twice a year. Let your dentist know you have diabetes and what medicines you take. Regular checkups and professional cleanings can help keep a mouth healthy. And your dentist can teach you the best ways to care for your teeth and gums at home.

    Keep Plaque at Bay

    Sticky plaque -- food, saliva, and bacteria -- starts to form on your teeth after you eat, releasing acids that attack your tooth enamel. Untreated plaque turns into tartar, which builds under gum lines and is hard to remove with flossing. The longer it stays on your teeth, the more harmful it is. Bacteria in plaque causes inflammation and leads to gum disease. Having high blood sugar often makes gum disease worse.

    Brush Daily, Brush Right

    Brushing your teeth twice a day not only keeps your breath sweet, but also helps rid your mouth of bacteria that makes up plaque and can lead to oral infections. To brush properly, point your bristles at a 45-degree angle against your gums. Use gentle back-and-forth strokes all over your teeth -- in front, in back, and on chewing surfaces -- for two minutes. If holding a toothbrush is hard for you, try an electric toothbrush. Also brush your gums and tongue

    Floss Every Day

    Flossing helps control plaque. It can reach where a toothbrush can't, like between the teeth. Floss daily with floss and interdental cleaners that carry the American Dental Association (ADA) seal. Ask your dentist for tips if you're not sure how to floss. Like everything else, flossing gets easier with practice.

    Dentures soaking in glass

    Woman breaking cigarette in half

    Dental surgery

    Woman preparing salad

    Woman checking teeth in mirror

    Heart Foods

    Bad Hair?

    Understanding Depression

    Pet Inspiration

    Sleep Disorders

    Slideshows A-Z

    Take Care of Your Dentures

    Loose-fitting or poorly maintained dentures can lead to gum irritation and infections. It's important to talk to your dentist about any changes in the fit of your dentures. When you have diabetes, you are at a higher risk of fungal infections like thrush. And poorly maintained dentures can contribute to thrush, too. It's important to remove and clean your dentures daily to help reduce your risk of infection

    Toss the Tobacco

    Tobacco products -- including cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, and pipes -- are bad for anyone's mouth. But if you have diabetes and you smoke, you are at even greater risk of developing gum disease. Tobacco can damage gum tissue and cause receding gums. It can also speed up bone and tissue loss, leading to lost teeth. Motivate yourself to quit. List your reasons for quitting, set a date, and get the support of family and friends.

    Dental surgery

    Woman preparing salad

    Woman checking teeth in mirror

    Heart Foods

    Bad Hair?

    Understanding Depression

    Pet Inspiration

    Sleep Disorders

    Slideshows A-Z

    Prepare for Oral Surgery

    Well-controlled blood sugar reduces your risk of infection and speeds healing. If you need oral surgery, tell your dentist and surgeon you have diabetes beforehand. Your doctor may recommend that you wait to have surgery until your blood sugars are under control.

    4 Steps to Protect Your Health

    The same steps that ensure a healthy mouth also help you manage your diabetes.

    Eat a healthy diet.

    Don't smoke.

    Keep up with your diabetes medications.

    See your dentist regularly to reduce your risk of developing a serious problem.

    Know the Warning Signs

    Regular dental checkups are important because your dentist can spot gum disease even when you don't have any pain or symptoms. But you should examine your teeth and gums yourself for early signs of trouble. Infections can move fast. If you notice redness, swelling, bleeding, loose teeth, dry mouth, pain, or any other oral symptoms that worry you, talk to your dentist right away.

  • Dear Madam,

    You have given a good ayurvedic herb name in telugu for diabeties. thanq very much

  • Nice and Thank You Sir, for details visit: happylifestyletips.com/coco...

  • what is the name of Tippa Teega (Tinospora cordifolia) in Hindi or in Assamese?

  • Hindi Name : Gibe, Gurach / for details please visit: happylifestyletips.com/..

  • tinospora does not have a significant effect on blood sugar.

    So dont expect miracles.

    any bitter herbal will proportionately reduce sugar in blood marginally, and to some extent long term when continued by inducing mild gastritis, when taken on empty stomach.

    There are better herbal products, much superior to tinospora, but still, much less effective than simple metformin

    in terms of safety, efficacy and predictable outcome

  • Some say the stem, u say leaves. The web site u mentioned just casuallyb mentions use in Diabetes but no usage details and time period - does it cure or help control? Pls educate us properly as you seem to be very knowledegable.

  • I fully agree with medfree that there is no cure for diabetics and it can only be controlled.However the Long Wheat Regimen really gives me surprise.

  • Yes, I agree with you, Diabetes is metabolic situation and not a diseases, so we should make it friend and manage to keep in control life long.

  • this worked in initial stages and stopped thereafter i tried for five months

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