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Diabetic 1 can be managed in limit to enjoy yr life with family


I am diabetic since 2004 and today 64 yrs age is running having 6.0 ft + height & 68 kgswt. I am taking Glizid -M after lunch & dinner and fasting is 125.

my fooding habits are - 01) Neem flower juice in morning / Methi powder with green tea.

02) sprouted channa & mung with Badam 2 pcs small qty + methi chapati with 1/2 glass cow milk. 3) lunch two chapati with dal & green veg 04) dinner two chapati wit fish/ chick/ green veg. # ltrs of water in whole day. I am taking cod liver oil capsule daily. And finally enjoying little peice of sweets almost every day before goint to bed.

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Sir,You are a type 2 diabetic .Title of your post is a bit confusing.Gives an impression that you are type 1.

Your fasting level should be brought down to around 100.

who bother whether it is 1 or 2 ; i am enjoying my life even in loneliness also with controlled diet, little bit exercise, musics, happy dreams and taking care of my wife suffering with accute dementia. behappy,donot expect enything in return from anybody not even God.

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