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My previous HbA1c level 6.8% in Jul'13 and test was without fasting. In Nov'13 it is 5.9% but test is with 12 hr fasting. How to correlate?

After Jul'13 I Changed my diet as more chapati and less rice., daily 2 Km jog & 2 Km brisk walk in the early morning. Daily a glass of methi water (Methi soaked for 8 hrs. in water), 5 badaam pcs soaked in water for 8 hrs. No medicine being used.

My doubt : Does it make any difference in results of Hb1Ac test with fasting and without fasting, if yes how to correlate.

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Agree with healthcare4all's answer.

Google HBA1C & you should be able to understand things better.

Meanwhile a couple of links.

Pls do not go by the statement "If your diabetes is controlled (basically an HbA1C lower than 7%)....." - given in the 2nd link.



You have a good HBA1c of 5.9. Perhaps, further reduction of chapattis & rice & replacing with non-root vegetables, could help you further.



Very good information about HbA1C.Thanks a lot.


HbA1c is not actually blood sugar test but gives information about immediate after effect of blood sugar increase. This effect will last for three months. Sugar (glucose) in blood gets attached to hemoglobin in red blood cells. HbA1c is the percentage of RBCs so affected. This may be adversely affecting the normal functions (like oxygen transportation from lungs to cells) of RBCs. The value of HbA1c gives an indication of blood sugar level during the previous three months. There are 2-3 empirical formulae (formulas) to calculate average blood sugar value from HbA1c value.

As printed in my (NABH & ACHSI certified) lab report of Feb 22, 2013

HbA1C Normal value is between 4.2 & 6.4%,

Good Diabetic control is less than 7.0%,

Fair control is 7.0 to 8.0%.

More than 8.0% is Poor control.


Your reduced Hb1Ac levels are primarily because of workouts you do in the morning. It is always better to stagger the exercise regimen into mornings and evenings. Keep it up




Fasting (or without fasting) don't effect the readings of HbA1C test.In fact this test can be done at any time of the day.The good results in the test show your efforts in controlling the carbohydrate contents of your diet along with physical exercise in the form of Jogging/walking.Home remedies also have a beneficial effect on your 'Sugar Control'...Keep it up religiously for long term benefits.


The A1C test is a simple blood test. You can eat and drink normally before the test.


HbA1C test is the average of BS for the past 3 months .So no fasting is necessary..Any how you have a very good control .


"DISEASES are DIS - EASES" - DIS - EASES can be controlled and DISEASES can be ERADICATED TOTALLY - through - BREATH - I would like to emphasis you - to OBSERVE ( NOT CONCENTRATION ) the coolness of INCOMING BREATH - At a stretch for minimum 5 mts - when your stomach in light or empty - SURESh


can u plz eloberate


I happened to see your comment only today. Your HbA1C progress is excellent. I would suggest you to add one more to your Home therapy. If you can take 1/4th spoon of Cinnamon powder before Lunch and also before dinner you will see your HbA1C improve further . You also make it a point to drink 2 to 3 glasses of water as soon as you get up in the morning and one glass of water 1/2 hour before Lunch and dinner. Two glasses of water 2 hours after breakfast and lunch. Eat one apple every day before going to bed. If you want to snack in the evenings have a fist full of groundnuts either boiled or fried. After doing this for 4 months check your HbA1c and give me your feedback.




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