type 2 from 2 years.today fasting is 106 and pp is 158.not taking medicines .just controlling diet with lchf and exercise.am i on the right

track or do i need to take medicines.also need to know if a diabetic sugar levels stays high all the time if one does not take medicines because mine comes down below 140 in 2 1/2 to 3 hours post meals.

many thanks i advance for your help.


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  • I think your DM is under controle with diets & exercise so it is better to avoid any drug. So be carefull it may go to upper limits . to avoid it have weekly check on your Blood Sugar.

  • PPBS at 110 minutes after first bite should be below 140. Ideally it should be aimed at 120. That said, if you adjust your diet to 100gms carbs you should be able to achieve the figures without medicine. Always test PPBS at home. FBS can be checked once a week.

    But good at least you know that you have to be on LCHF.

  • The metabolic rae depends on the age. What is your age range? It will help the numbers

  • You perhaps fall in pre-diabetic range. However, please do not celebrate right now because that could make you careless! I second both getz08 and medfree and say you may like to stop medicine in two phases i.e. go for 50% dosage for first week and monitor daily.

  • By definition yes. But practically he is diabetic. I maintain that diabetes is like pregnancy ... it's either there or not there. Moment body cannot handle sugar the way it should then one is diabetic. IFGT, pre-diabetes etc are all terms which have been coined only to make sure that one is made to eat carbs and finally pushed to full blown diabetic (PPBS > 200). PPBS is first to go bad. By the time FBS goes bad, lot of damage is already done so i do not attach much importance to FBS. It is the PPBS that i watch closely.

    Now, FBS, PPBS, A1C all show that I am in non diabetic range. I do carb counting and eat anything that i want to eat including sweets sometimes. The day i eat sweets i just cover it up with either a walk or few rounds of bicep curls with dumbbells. Doctors don't agree that I am diabetic but I do not claim that I am cured. I am just managing it well :)

    As you have rightly said, he should not rejoice and there should never be complacency in D management. Once in a while numbers shooting up is fine but they should not be of common occurrence. Idea is get the numbers in non diabetic range without or with minimal use of drugs.

  • Do you take any medicine?

  • No

  • You are on the right track. I suggest soak one spoon of Methi seeds in a glass of water add Natural Karela+jamun juice+amla juice+aloevera juice all one sppon drink it the morning you will the effects you will be completely normal.Get your HbAC1 done it should below 5.8 as per your sugar reading.

  • The reading some times could be deceptive.Please check on HbA1c if the readings are 6.5 or below than u need not take medicine and keep ur diet under control with lot of fiber diet and green vegetables. Kindly try maithi dana (fengugreek seeds) one coffee spoon full soaked in water and taken empty stomach, if can swallow the seeds well good other wise drink water. Try for four weeks and do update your results.

  • Suddenly when I tested RBS I was shocked to see 411. Then I came back and tested before fasting which came to 114 and after breakfast was 240. Since this was the first time the Docter advised me to wait for 15 days. He asked me to do dieting and exercise. Last 15 days I have followed strict dieting and exercise. I just tested RBS and for my pleasant surprise it was 94. I still have not gone for testing before fasting and after fast. Hope if I continue like this I may be able to control with diet only.

  • Great going sir stay positive and all will be well

  • Numbers are bad. That said, go for a repeat test after a week. If those numbers also are not normal then you are diabetic. One option would be witch to Low Carb High Fat diet. Pl search LCHF on forum and google. Saturated fat doesn't cause CVD/CHD and our group has posted lot of references on this topic.

  • Sir I am diabetic .2 years ago my fasting was 273 and pps was 473. From then on I have taken medicines and brought it down .after starting Lchf it has stabilised to these levels that's why I am asking if I am doing the right thing by stopping medicines an following lchf..,

  • kcpf68: Even if your doctor insists you take medicine, please reconsider. Since I was 52 I have had diabetes thrice. First time in 2005 it reversed in no time. Second time I gave up recording BS when it appeared OK. On Jan 11, 2014 my HBA1C was 11.6% (very high) but through diet, no medicines it now is <7.9% (decline continues, it was this figure ten days ago and daily home tests have come down 20 points since last A1C)...

  • my email is efar52@gmail.com

  • My HBA1C on April 18 was 7.2% and in opinion of active observers like medfree the decline could have reached a plateau. Next monthly test is due in few days.

  • Cut down on carbs.

  • I have put my 1,850 and 2,200 calorie daily diet quota on this forum. Can email it to you (I think you may do better adding herbs and nuts. horse gram etc.) efar52@gmail.com

  • Pls mail me yr daily lchf diet plan.


    Thank you.

  • kcpf68 good. I guess you did not ever o for HBA1C.

  • Occasional confirmation of the score with HBA1C may please be considered.

  • domingus: Yes you are! I first reversed the trend in 2005. In 2009 I again got diabetes (HBA1C 11.3%) and I followed checking till it came to IGT (pre diabetes) range. Now in beginning 2014 my average score was over 285 (A1C 11.6%) which has come down to under 140 (A1C on May 16: 6.5%). medfree and other prominent commentators are of the opinion I should halve my present carbohydrate intake . . . [twice I have put my daily diet quota on this forum and emailed to over a hundred] efar52@gmail.com

  • hi i just did my a1c it is 6 %. showed to my doc who says it is very good !!!

  • It is good, well done; now make it better!

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