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Diabetes :no disease

Diabetes is a chance discovery. The early symptoms are such that they do not alert you to go for a checkup to find out.All diabetics can live a long and active life ,if they follow a few simple rules. I discovered that I am a diabetic in Jan. 1985

1.Do not panic after you are discovered a diabetic.

2.Be positive and be happy

3.Take care of your diet; avoid sweets and sugar.Occasional sweet is not a taboo but then you have to adjust the other intake correspondingly.

4.For your tea you may use Sugarfree(natura)

5.Drink a lot of water. As soon as you get up,brush your teeth and drink water.

6. Regular excercise is a must for a diabetic. If you are young go to the Gym daily for a good workout. If you are old ,like I am , Go for a long walk early in the morning.

7.Include in your diet a few Almonds in the morning and Before a frugal breakfast you may take


8.Consult your dietician about your diet ,which would depend on your activity level as well as your physical condition.

9.take your prescribed medication regularly promptly

10.Have regular annual checkup

11. Monitor your blood sugar levels with a Glucometer available in the market.

Follow these simple rules to lead a happy and active life.

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If Diabetes is no disease why then discuss. Enjoy life as it is. Never, never in life try this in you diet - supposed to be sugar-free; This may be sugar free but never it is diabetes free. Sugar -free molecules has got low glycemic value because our body cannot read what is that molecule.

Let us understand that are living for eating or we are eating for living?




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