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onion and diabetes

if you going on peeling onion , finally what you get is nothing.

same way if you go on doing more and more theoretical research on diabetes, you will end up at nothing.

pls prepare a regim of diet , lchf or suitable diet for you, an exersise regimen, some simple yogic exercise or simple gym exrecise, and more walking , min 30 to 40 mts brisk walking and lastly for the balanced uncontrolled diabetes numbers of fbs, pp etc, pls take medication.

how to to know you are healthy.

1.you must able to able to urinate with proper pressure and qty.

2. your digestion and excretion system should work properly and timely.( so many parts fail prematurely but gut keep working till end, poor fellow???

3.you should not have blurred vision.

4.should not be having thirsty feeling more often.

5.calf muscles should not have pain.( it is a second heart, so message it as often as possible).

6.you should have strong gums and teeth.

7.more angry and irritative on flimsy cuases leads to unhealthy situations.

8.able to listen to wife and children ,of course parents.

9.able to spend time, money ,etc with friends and still able to convince your family.I( i mean wife)

10.able to have regular and pleasurable coitus with your partner , if married, even otherwise it shuld b ok???(times have changed).courts allow live-in.

is it not enough to feel happy if the above are enjoyed by you.

to b continued

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well said kiruba


Leave a comment...What is relation between onion and diabetes


Mr Kirubagran had not here mentioned that there is any relation between onion and diabetes but he said the thing in other sence . Please read carefully . He has just given an example. When you will go on peeling onion

at last nothing will be left there.


thanks for explanation of my message.

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I somehow feel the Jain Mahavira System of

1 All eating-drinking between 5 AM to 5 PM

2 Underground foods not to be eaten

3 All Non Vegetarian foods to be given up

is the most Time Tested System in the world as Mahavira Preceeds Hinduism by millions of years. This raises the Question what is the Age of Man

DNA Mapping put age of Man to 65 billion years and

NASA date Mapping says Angkor Vat Temple, Cambodia & Peruvian Pyramids are 7,00,000 years OLD. [lease allow 2,00,000 years for all encompassing infrastructures.


please submit if any data available on jains are immune to diabetes.


pls ignore 9 th point and check other 8 points pls


yes I am with LCHF for the last 3 years managing without medicine




I am 66 years old, H 5.7 eanch, weight 102 kg having diabeties since 2005. Basically from farmers family, sportman wrestlling & boxing, Now practing CA since 1979. Daily routine morning walk 6 to 7 am Yoga + Pranayam 7 to 7.30 am Milk+Khurak 8.30 Breakfast 10.30 am Office work 11 to 5 pm Lunch 2 pm fruits 6 pm Dinner 7.30pm walk 15 mts sleeping 10.30 to 5.30. PSL Fasting 135 PP 185. enggaged for full day in positive thinking & working, no time for tenstion or other thinking.


pls elaborate the secret of maintaining your weight of 100 kgs for the 10 yrs and the BMI does not recommend much lower weight for your age.


pls read BMI should be less for your age and weight.


ultimately the bottom line is life is to b lived with less health complcations, if you are comfortable with what you are doing today, pls continue and need not take any approvals from anybody.



Have any body suggested you to get the health of vital organs like Kidney, Retina etc checked? Is there any colour change at ankles or feet? How many times do you urinate in a day? Have you tested HbA1c recently?



Quite correct !


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