Diabetes treatment by oka(ladyfinger) Bhindi

Someone ask me to take oka water to cure diabetes. I searched on Google.

The result shown were positive. So I started taking the same early morning

for last one week. I m also taking regular medicine too. Nothing harm as

bhindi being vegetable we are consuming the same oftenly. You have to do

take one glass of water in glass made of glass(non metallic) Take two piece

of bhindi cut the same from top and below. Now cut the balance length wise

in two piece and put the same in water for whole night. In morning take out

the pieces and throw, drink the water of glass empty stomach. Try to avoid

anything except water for 30-40 minutes.


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11 Replies

  • Has it helped? How difficult is it to drink it

  • No difficulty in drinking,it is like tasteless water

  • I too am taking oka water in empty stomach in the morning as it has been told above since a couple of days. Let me see the result.

  • I tried this...in vain

  • I tried lady finger for 3 months but no positive sign found by me,it was futile exercise for me,

  • I have also tried it for many days but all these things are working temporarily and their effect is till you take these

  • Useless.

    Change diet by cutting down carbs to 20% and replacing with good fats.

  • There is a chance to increase colostrol bhindi contains fat.

  • Bhindi does not contain fat:


    Cholesterol goes haywire because of HIGH CARBS and not because of FAT. In fact almost everyone who goes on Low Carb High Fat diet, improves on LIPIDS.

  • I had tried for 3 months but there was no change in my sugar levels whatsoever

  • It is Not useless it is usefull u can use this instead of Taking Insulin if you think after Drink Okra water you can have sweets than it is not possible to control Blood Sugar and also you can have Paneer Phool or Paneer doda

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