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* Ways to prevent Diabetes

Diabetes cannot be cured, but it can be prevented. Whether you fall in the high-risk category for diabetes, or are simply concerned for your health, do read the top 10 ways in which you avoid getting this disease

According to the WHO Collaborating Centre for Research, Education and Training in Diabetes, diabetes is the fourth leading cause of death in the world. This disease is of special relevance in India, as Indians tend to develop diabetes at an earlier age and at lower levels of obesity.

There are five simple ways to identify those who’re in the high-risk category for diabetes:

1. Those above the age of 40

2. Those with a positive family history of diabetes

3. People with increased abdominal fatness. If the waist circumference of a male is over 90cms (35.4 in) and female is over 85cms (33.4in), he or she is at increased risk of developing diabetes.

4. Those considered at a pre-diabetes stage (Impaired fasting glucose >=110mg/dl, impaired glucose tolerance 140-199mg/dl)

5. Those leading a sedentary lifestyle

If any of the above five criteria are applicable to you, you should start making changes to your lifestyle immediately, in order to prevent getting diabetes.

1. Burn more calories that you consume

It is a healthy practice to consume fewer calories than you use. Eat foods that are not high in calories and increase your physical activity by walking more, taking the stairs whenever you can and making a conscious effort to stay active.

2. Be conscious of your measurements

A slim waist is not just a cosmetic vanity, it is also a sign of better health. As Indians, we have a tendency to gain weight around our midriffs and thus it’s very important to make an effort to keep the inches off. Experts suggest that women should keep their waist measurement below 80 cm (31.5 inches), and men below 90 cm (35.5 inches).

3. Start eating smaller, more frequent meals

Many of us follow the policy of eating three solid meals a day. Consider changing over to the divide and eat policy. So if you’re used to eating 4 chapattis, eat 2 now and 2 after a couple of hours. Also, whatever happens, don’t skip breakfast.

4. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet

It’s time to take control of what you eat. Make a conscious effort to include plenty of fruits (whole fruits are far better than juices) and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, in your diet. The benefits to your overall health, sense of well-being and looks will be immense.

5. Gain with whole grains

Wheat, brown rice and oats are far healthier for you than refined foods. Make them a part of your diet and keep diabetes at bay.

7. De-stress

Experts have found a strong correlation between stress and diabetes. Don’t simply accept stress as a part of modern living. There are many things you can do to avoid and reduce stress in your life. Practice yoga, take up meditation, exercise – the list is endless. Take steps to reduce stress in your life today

8. Quit smoking

If you needed another reason to quit smoking, here it is. A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that a person who smoked 16 to 25 cigarettes a day was three times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than a non-smoker

9. Reduce salt intake

Hypertension and diabetes have a very close connection. In fact, the prevalence of hypertension in the diabetic population is twice that of the non-diabetic population. So if you have any of the risk factors of diabetes or hypertension, take care of reducing your salt intake.

10. Check your blood sugar and cholesterol levels

If you fall in the high-risk group, i.e., if you have a family history of diabetes, along with any one of the risk factors listed above, you must get regular blood sugar and cholesterol checks.

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This is the usual advise Doctors usually give to Diabetic Patient. I am following all the above but could not get constant reading. My weight also not reduced even though I consume less food. I used to do regular yoga and walk about three kilo meter daily. I don't have any tension and stress as of now. I used attend lot of household work. Even I am taking Brown Rice. Coffee without sugar. Tell me some remedy to keep my sugar under constant control. I am not an acute sugar pateitn. I am having 135 during fasting and 220 to 235 post lunch.

I will take my full lunch around 1030 hrs. and in between I will have coffee with biscuits and in the night around 2030 Hrs. I will have my light Dinner.

Where I am commiting mistake pls. tell me so that I can set right myself.


donot take biscuits


Here are examples for different types of rice, both cooked and uncooked rice.

Carbs /100gms Carbs/1 cup

Raw white rice Uncooked79 gms 145-158 gms

Cooked white rice

(Or Steamed) 28 gms 45-53 gms

Raw brown rice Uncooked76-77 gms 143-145 gms

Cooked brown rice

(Or Steamed) 23 gms 45 gms

As you can see the difference in carbs between cooked white rice and brown rice is marginal. One cup of cooked rice gives us 28/23 gms of carbs. Even if we take1cup per meal we get nearly 50 gms carbs in this grain alone. Added to this would be carbs from other sources of foods which we consume like milk, vegetables, fruits etc.

I feel you may restrict the rice to 2 cups of cooked rice per day. Add the following in case you are not using them.

/100 gms Carbs (gms) Proteins (gms) Fats (gms) Calories (kcal)

Egg 0.77 10.90 0.17 52

Milk nonfat 4.85 3.41 0.18 35

Cream 4.30 2.96 11.50 130

Tofu soya 1.25 5.1 2.7 62

Almonds 19.74 21.2650.64 578

Cheese ( Amul for ref)1.6 20.0 44.0 320

Olive oil 0 0 100 42

Mushroom3.28 3.09 0.34 22

Get 2000 calories/day for a decent activity of life

Arrive at your own combinations do some course corrections after regular tests and after consulting your medics.

In diabetes nutrition there is NO S, XL and XXL sizes which you can take off-the shelf.

Be INFORMED.........You are the best judge.


Just take 2 tab of TRIPHAL of ZANDU /Dabur immediately after Lunch and Dinner for one week and reduce to 1 tab.

Your problem will be solved


Divide your meals into 4/5 courses.Total calories intake should not exceed 1800-2000.Replace carbs by veg, nuts and fruits & fat.


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