Don't be panic about Diabetes

Don't be panic about Diabetes

I am diabetic from last 25 years, don't loose hope. They best thing is to follow:

1. Have five to six small meals in a day.

2. Drink plenty of water.

3. Drink black/lemon/Green tea or black coffee.

4. Walk atleast 2 kms a day or do cycling at home /park/on road or dance in your room and enjoy yourself.

5. Body message with mustard/linen/live oil. (from foot to head).

6. Don't take mental tension.

7. Listen to music and try to sing along in open air (garden/park/terrace).

best of luck

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  • I endorse prescription H P Singh 2024 and add that please replace carbs with healthy fats ...(carbs equal to or less than 20% of daily calories)

  • Yes, medicine and exercise are important along with reduced tension and diet control are the hallmarks for keeping sugar in control

  • congratulations!

  • Good n sound routine.thanQ

  • you could benefit from eating one spoon full soaked fenugreek seeds [methidaana] .and using cinnamon powder [daal chini] , just try it for your self pls . best wishes Dr G S Rekhi

  • good info

  • good .can you give your sugar levels and any medicines if you are taking.

  • You forgot to mention...follow a low carbohydrate diet... It works...

  • I like this advice.thanks

  • Eating one teaspoon ful of soaked fenugreek seeds is very difficult. If fenugreekseeds (methi dana) id soaked in one glass of water at night and taken tha water first thing inthe morning helps controlling blood sugar. Another thing is 1/4spoon of cinnamon powder consumed in any way during the day helps controllong blood sugar and cholesterol both. Doing kapalbhati pranayam done in prope guidance also helps.

  • very right suggestion thanks.

  • thanks

  • Great words.Ihaveupper limit...that is pre diabetes.I WILL TRY TO FOLLOW YOUR SUGGESTIONS.THANKS A LOT.HAVE A GREAT DAY......

  • Thank you Pajji,bhoth badiya kaha aap ne

  • Get rid of excess fat. Come close to your BMI.

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