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Precautions to be taken to prevent hypoglycemia

Diabetes treatment plan is designed to match medication dosage and schedule of usual meals and activities. Any mismatch (skipping meal, unusual exercise, change in dose/ timing of medication etc.) might result in hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia can be avoided by with the proper understanding and knowledge of diabetes,Some medications can cause hypoglycemia.

Always take medications and insulin in the recommended doses and at the recommended times.

Consult dietitian to plan meal that fits your preferences and lifestyle. Make a positive effort to follow the meal plan. Eat regular meals, have enough food at each meal, and try not to skip meals or snacks.

Discuss with your doctor about whether you should have a snack or adjust your medication before sports or exercise. If you know that you will be more active than usual or will be doing something that is not part of your normal routine—unaccustomed exercise—considers having a snack first.Consuming alcohol especially on an empty stomach, can cause hypoglycemia. If you drink an alcoholic beverage, always have snack or meal along with it.

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what should I take in breakfast and in the evening time ? my rest two meal is balanced but morning and evening I am confused pl guide me


it is written to have a snack with alchololic beverage, but is alcohol allowed

to diabetics as it is pure sugar itself.

Alcohol comes from Sugar cane Mollasses.Is it recommended ocassionally.


Kewal Kohli New Delhi


I think this applies only to those who are unable to avoid alcohol for want of will power.Alcohol is not recommended or suggested to any body.Alcohol spikes the sugar levels immediately and then drops suddenly.It also aggravates neuropathy that all diabetics are susceptable.


Preffered bfst - Oats salted mixed with minced vegs/with milk accompanied/followed with fruits ( half a 100gm apple, 5-6 small pieces of pappya, quarter 200gms ripe guava, few pieces of watermellon, half a 200gm cucumber - but by no chance any fruits having direct glucose and no pulpy fruits lke banana/mangoes/pineapple etc. The fruits to be alternated and not all of it together- at the most 2-3 types). Evening snacks -veg or chicken sandwich/pakora limited/sweat dish without sugar and the like. Please consult your dctor for additional guidance.


Why does Hypoglycemia occur in the night. Where is this glucose tablets which has vitamic c etc in the tablets available in Delhi. These tablets are available in the United States. These are meant for Hypoglycemia.


My Wife Always had 300 for a Decade. Her Feet Bottoms are Cracked but she did not Know/Feel the Pain. thus Her Sensetiveness with Skin might have been Lost..One Night ,Due to Cold Waves, She got Pnemania. We went to Cardiologist in Corporate Hospital. Phisician Controlled Pnemonia, But Her Suger went up to 400 in Day time and 40 in Nights. Cardiologist Refused to do Angiogram in such Situation and furthur Procedures to Set Right Her Heart.Nights Sister, on seeing 40 Sugar , dumps sugar 2 TSPs in her Mouth.

After 10 Days She suffered Heart Fibrilations / Vibrations , and Next Day Night she suffered Massive Silent Heart Attack and Heart Beating Stopped Completely. She Collapsed in 20 Minutes in Hospital.

Thus Pnemonia for Diabetic Patients is Deadly.

Hypoglycemia is also Deadly.


The advice in blog is good but I disagree with alcohol. It will act as slow poisoning in whatever form it is requiring heavy dozes of medicines resulting in side effect on kidney and eye. To my knowledge alcohol, in particular, should be avoidedn by diabetic patients


Please let me know what effect BEER has on diabetics in small quantities.

Thanks K k Kohli New Delhi


I am given to understand Beer has some 19 spoons equivalent of sugar. or in general, very high levels of sugar. Outside India, I daily had the best of Beer brands the world has to offer, including the most bitter ones, highly chilled but after I read one day about high sugar content I gave up that very same day, forever. Now I take red wine, and only whilst travelling outside India, and in limit.


very useful advice


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