Really irritates me

Sorry that i dont blog on here much as i used to but i need to let off some steam.

It really irritates me when people try and make you feel bad for being depressed or not seeing the glass half full and not making the most of life.

I have finally figured out that the best way for me to get past this hurdle is firstly to get back on track with my health and exercise, and that means strictly calorie counting. i have put on 3 stone in a year and as well as all my other issues, this also puts me on a downer. i know what will work for me 'to start with' and that is sorting myself out physically, and so on a day to day basis i will feel better.. happy hormones and all that.

however a friend of mine keeps saying that lifes too short for strict diets, etc.etc. just have fun, you only live once, and all that. its like i'm expected to turn the switch in my head to happy all of a sudden. why is it wrong for me to want to keep fit and healthy as part of my depression programme? why cant people just understand and support. i so wish i could just eat a cake and still feel good about it but it puts me on a downer. i have so many issues i need to deal with. and i've made a plan to get physically fit and healthy for myself, for my sanity, for ME, for my kids. yet i now feel so damn guilty about it. Healthy body, healthy mind.

sorry to rant. just had to get this off my chest.


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13 Replies

  • If your body is what's making you miserable or contributing to your misery then of course you should do all you can to change it. Take no notice of your friend, yes YOLO but you want to be happier living it...that's no crime so stop feeling guilty about pleasing yourself and go get fit!


  • Hi

    I agree that it's incredibly difficult to ignore what well meaning people say and to do what feels right for you. You stick to YOUR plan and live your life the way that feels right for you. Don't feel guilty about doing that, it's other people have the problem if they want you to live your life the way they think however kind their intentions.

    I hope the weight loss goes well,


  • hiya- you do what you need to do and let others get on with their own lives- i know how hard it is and good for you for planning- just one day at a time- thats what i've learned from the kind people on this site. good luck to you. xxxx ps rant away whenever if it helps.

  • The excercise will make you feel lots better! I have started plain badminton with my son and it's really helping to lift my mood ...

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  • I walk every morning, early, and excercise gives off good endorphins which is good for depression. Known fact. You go and find some sort of excercise you enjoy and go for it. Life is also too short to be listening to other people tell you how to run your life. You eat healthy and excercise if that's what you want to do and it will make you feel better. I always feel good after my morning walk. Good luck. xx

  • I think go for it. Its your life & you know it will make you feel better. I dont know about anyone else but I found I had one friend who was happy to see me down as it made her life look & feel better for her. I took me sometime to work it out & sometimes thats when you find who your true friends are. Some fear you will look better, feel better & make them not look so good or feel better about their lives. My "friend" was just like that & found I had to slowly distance myself & cut her out of my life. She was'nt a true friend & never had been az my Mum always told me, she had that jealous streak in her. I dont know why she had to feel jealous about me but when I finally woke up to her I noticed she was jealous of anyone whose life "seemed" better than hers.

    You do what you want to do for yourself & no-one else. It will make you feel better & give you more confidence. There is nothing for you to feel guilty about. Do it!!!

    Good luck & I hope someday I have the motivation to do it too as my weight is also part of my depression.


    Jackie xx

  • Thank you everyone soo much. i'm glad i blogged now as reading all these comments has made me feel SOOOO much better. :)

    i think it all comes down to years ago when she had a new baby and i was there for her for a good few weeks during the early days and then i went back into my gym routine (which i was obsessed with) and she hated that. so now when i say im going to get back to that and eating healthy she just doesnt get it. she doesnt understand that some people have to be strict with exercise/healthy eating than others, who can happily go gym or eat whatever as and when and be ok with that. whereas im more strict as i know that is what works best for me. if im not strict with it then i slack and then eventually i dont bother with it.

    i said to her 'if im not leading an active lifestyle how are my kids going to lead an active lifestyle' and she just laughed and said they're just kids. its important to me though. i worry about them not being active later on in life and not leading a healthy lifestyle - yet i'm left to look like a fool for having those concerns!. Not any more tho, i know i'm doing the right thing.!!

    thanks everyone :)

  • HI sndkk well done. You have no reason to feel bad just because you want to look after your health. Dont pay any heed to what people say, just do what is right for you, if it feels good for you that is a big plus. She probably has her own issues and thats her business. Maybe just concentrate on yourself, friends are meant to be supportive.

    I wish you luck anyway and keep it up.



  • People will always have their opinions,,,its in thier nature, but dont you realise,,, this person, (if you get fit and well) will have to look at their life, and maybe they are not ready yet.. your making them feel guilty, or uneasy.. Ignor them and do what you feel is right for you.

    happy days lol

  • I take a HUGE chocolate lab walking down the farm roa and the beach every weekend and I find it really helps to clear my mind and I always feel so relaxed after it, it's amazing what a wee walk and a lab can do! :) x

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  • I'm just going to get started on it and ignore what any one out there who tries to put me down. It just knocks you back a little when u hear comments, especially if your already having a down day.

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