SMILE!!! :)

Hey there!

I have been thinking about all that depression,kilograms of medication taken,having bad and worse days,how many wasted days staying at home wearing pyjamas and watching a window,how many days went trough my fingers and I was unable to catch them because of depression,and you know what? THAT DAYS ARE OVER...

I deleted depression from my head, I just don't think about it, I say to myself in the mirror every morning 'I am beautiful and I am gonna be happy,without any stupid depression which ruin my life'.

Obviously I am keep taking medication,but trying to move on.I can't stay at that point forever... I want to live my life! I need to get back to myself now!

I have already wasted 2 years..No more!!

Let's be positive people!! it really works! It was hard few days at the begining but it does work now :D That's truth what doctors says .. 80% of our depression is in our head and it depends on us how we will deal with it.

So my love! Smile!


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4 Replies

  • That's an interesting outlook and i'm really happy it's working for you. Unfortunately It takes more than a mirror to convince some people that today will be a good day. Certain levels of depression make it near it possible to 'delete from your head' I would imagine that to be feeling as you are you were in a pretty ok place before you put your faith in the mirror,

    I hope you continue to feel as well as you do xx

  • Hi Suzie. it does take more than a mirror to convince people that they are going to have a good day. I am 59, a child brought up in the 50s & 60s when what went on behind closed doors, stayed behind closed doors. I have a problem looking in the mirror, my devil of the 50s & 60s, looks back at me. If you know what I mean.

    how can you not look in a mirror. ghandi

  • That's really sad ghandi. Have you struggled with it since? X

  • Hi Suzie :)

    Thank you for your comment.Well,before I have decided that it has been too long to live with depression I was in really bad condition..I was lying down on my bed all day watching window,and thinking about suicide..My depression was called by doctor severe depression.

    I would like to show the others that together with medicine and positive thinking we can do it!