Hello I'm a newbie

Hi I'm new to this site, just came across it while searching for self help depression.

I'm a 56 year old woman, who's been retired for two years. Yesterday I went to my GP as I'm getting upset and tearful over silly thing, bad mood changes, can't sleep in a dark bedroom have to have some sort of light even if it's just the landing light which I can see under the door, bad sleep pattern waking early and I have to get out of bed straight away! My GO gave me antidepressants to take but having read the side effect I'm not sure I want to take, I have been depressed years ago.

Just wanted to have a go at self help first, has anyone tried this and got good results?

Hubby is great most of the time but unless you have it you don't understand.

Thanks for listening.


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14 Replies

  • Hi Scarylady13, what tablets did you get ? If you take one and you don't feel right try taking them at night until they get into your system, not everyone gets the side effects. I do myself that's why I'm saying take them at night first, I don't particularly like taking meds but if it helps me through the dark lonely thoughts I'd take anything to be well again. As you say no one knows what depression is like unless they suffer it. I hope this helps a wee bit.

    Take care x

  • Mirtazapine 15mg the Dr did say take them at night but seeing some of the side effect people have been having it's got me wondering if there is a alternative i.e. Self help.

    I've had a couple of bad reactions to antibiotics lately and I've worried myself.

    Thanks for replying

  • I know what your saying and it's only you that can decide, but the reason I'm saying take them at night is if any bad side effects kick in hopefully you'll be sleeping through it if that make sense. I wouldn't take it too late if you are going to try it incase you groggy in morning. Only self help I can suggest is if your having negative thoughts try and flip the coin and think what positive things you have in life, please don't think I'm saying this lightly as im not ive suffered depression for 30odd years off and on, and the worst thing being said to you is their is no magic pill or wand 😡 As if you don't know this. It's you and only you that can get out of this dark place and I know it seems impossible but you will get their in the end. I hope this helps a bit, and remember we are here 24/7 if you need to talk, usually someone around.

    Take care x

  • Hello. I take that med at night along with Cymbalta during the day.

    Mirtazipine helps with sleep. It might also increase your appetite. When you first start it, you'll probably feel some nausea. I would go back to your Dr and ask for an anti-nausea tablet like Maxolon. Take them together at night.

    You might want to consider taking half a tablet for the first week and then increase with the other half.

    I have found this drug beneficial to some extent with no major side effects to worry about. Also, if you can work out what's causing the depression, that would be fantastic! Before I forget, have you had your hormones checked?

    Good luck with it all. There is help at hand but you need to leave no stone unturned x

  • Hi

    Good to hear from someone who has taken the medication, and for the advise.

    The doctor did say that it would help rebalance hormones but did not do any tests!

    I think the last couple experiences I had with antibiotics, have left me unable to sleep with out some form of light! As for the depression I think mine builds up over time but will try to find out why. I always struggle this time of year with SAD so things might get worse, which is why I need to get on top of the situation.

    Thanks for the advise and help. Take care

  • Hello again. I would suggest that you start a daily journal outlining how you feel/don't feel. Do it for a month so that you and your Dr can get a clear picture of what's going on with you ... like what yriggers you etc. A Health Diary of sorts.

    In all honesty, get some blood tests done to see where your hormones are at. And yeah, I suffer horrrendously from SAD.

    Keep us posted k?

    CYA ✌

  • Brilliant idea about a diary will do that starting today. Thanks for all the tips, will mention blood test next time I see the Dr.

    Will do. Thanks

  • You're welcome. Also diarise the thoughts that go through your mind. You need to find out what the patterns are that set you off.

    If you GP shows resistance to blood tests, INSIST. Some doctors can be a tad precious about these types of things and fob people off unfortunately.

    Best wishes.

  • Thanks so much for the advise, had not thought about been groggy in the morning from taking them too late. Will be giving this some serious thought over the weekend. I hope you are coping as well as can be expected with your depression. It's good to be able to talk to someone who understands.

    So glad I found this site, thanks and take care.

  • I've had really dark times, but I'm still here, so you see, honestly their is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Take care x

  • I'm so sorry to hear that, I hope things are getting better for you?

    I will try and remember that.

  • I was on mirtazapine and still am but only for helping me to sleep. They are known for making you drowsy which is why it's best to take them in the evening.

    The common side effects are usually worth the trade off to feel better, the uncommon ones are just that - uncommon, so you probably won't suffer with them.

    If you are trying self help look up 'Mindfullness'. There is other self help available on the net so google it and see if it helps you. x

  • Hi

    Good to hear from someone who has taken them, I'm just anxious after the antibiotic reaction!

    Will do some googling later today, I need to have a good think over the weekend, and make a decision. Thanks this has made me feel better about taking the medication.

    Take care

  • You are very welcome x

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