Im fed up with my doctor my wife has had bad insomnia for many years ! Several years ago the put her on zopiclone 7.5mg but after long time they decided it was addictive with out any proper guidance to my wife they started reducing how many she would get at a time but.still no help in trying to wean her off it the doctor the other day started to reduce her venlafaxine and eventually taking her off it ! They gave her amitriptalene to supposedlly help her sleep. Tonight she was really upset which i put down to the doctor messing her about which i was right i sure the real reason is cutting the cost of the medications they subscribe ! Wish doctors would think about the human cost as well as the financial cost ! Thank you.in advance for anyone who replys 😀


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  • Maybe you could advise your wife to talk to him or her.

  • Thanks i will try ad get to see a doctor tomorrow

  • Hi I looked up zopiclone and it is a sleeping pill. Doctors are very wary of prescribing these now because of the addictive effects of them. The thinking on them has changed in the past few years and don't forget doctors have a duty of care towards their patients.

    I suffer from bad insomnia too but was refused any sleeping pills, instead I am on a low dose of mirtazapine which is an anti-depressant. It does help me sleep. Maybe this would help your wife as well? x

  • Thanks foryour helpi will suggest it when she goes to the doctor again thank you david

  • Sorry David I didn't look at the posters name when I answered - I didn't realise it was you....sorry :)

    How the devil are you? Well I hope. Bev xx

  • Hi bev not been to bad was my mums. Anniversary on friday. Went well didnt get to upset ! I hope your keeping well im just about to bed down for the night will catch up soon david x

  • Yes the anniversaries are worst aren't they? As you know my mum died 3 years ago now and me and my sisters get together and remember her on the relevant dates. We find this comforting. We all feel very sad though, and about my dad as well. x

  • Hi celtic27. Doctors don't tend to prescribe sleeping pills ex ept in the short term as they are, as you say, very addictive. It sounds as if he/ she did the right thing by slowly reducing the quantity.

    Amitryptiline does help with troubled sleep but maybe your wife would benefit from self help systems like relaxation or meditation. Mindfulness meditation is not what you would imagine maybe. No sitting crosslegged trying to have a blank mind. It's more about calming the mind down to help train it to focus on just one thing at a time instead of jumping about frantically from one thing to the next.

    I'd suggest another GP appointment to discuss alternative ways of dealing with your wife's sleeping problems.

    Good luck


  • I take trap adobe. It's an antidepressant that is non addictive, you practically need to be laying down when you take it. Zzzzzzz.......

  • Trazadone

  • Is it good for anxiety too? Cos am really struggling with that at the moment...

  • Hi anna i would recommend citalopram they are good steer cleer clear or prozac i hated it good luck anna what ever the doctor trys you on !

  • I don't know about that, but being that it is an antidepressant, I would imagine it would help. I don't like take taking benzodiazepines because a. they give me a loopy false sense of peace and b. when they wear off, I get angry.

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