Why erase previous posts from existence?

Please can someone (perhaps an administrator) explain to me why if someone writes a post hinting at suicide, all their previous posts/replies etc are deleted? I can understand the suicidal post being erased, but what good is erasing everything they have ever written, especially when said posts are extremely helpful with useful advice given? I fail to understand the reasoning/logic behind this bizarre (and what I view as) very unhelpful procedure. I admit to being absolutely baffled by it all.



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  • Actually my previous replies are still there this time, but last time everything I'd ever written was removed. I can't remember the exact wording about my distress this time but didn't think it would cause offence. I certainly don't wish to set off a whole lot of problems again.

    Suffice it to say, my extreme distress is aggravated by having my post removed and there is no where else to direct me that I'm not already pursuing.

    This feels like a really bad situation I'm in, which I can't see a viable way out of . Maybe this will also be removed now.

  • I find it appalling that your posts are removed Goldfish...I did not think we are living in North Korea or similar place...(or am I being unacceptably racist now?) I would be distressed if my posts were removed, as would any sensitive person. Just know I wish you all the best and I am forever grateful for all your advice to me.


  • Goldfish you have been a great support to me and I can understand completely how having a post removed in these circumstances would have added to your feelings of distress. So sorry about this. Like you say not a good idea to resurrect an old argument but just showing my support to you . Gemma xx

  • I'm not sure why?

    Maybe they don't want people who are feeling close to being like the person who posted and feel that it might trigger them to feel close to doing something too?

    I know these feelings are part of depression, I just think maybe they are trying to, protect us from feeling like that and as they are volunteers cannot be liable for anything that might trigger a reaction.

  • Anna as far as I remember it Golfish was banned then reinstated. This is why his previous posts were deleted. This is the normal procedure when someone is banned.

    Goldfish has been reinstated now so his old posts will not be deleted, but sometimes a post is if it is seen as 'triggering' or because it attracts 'unhelpful' replies or results in arguments. This is of course as well as posts or replies which are against site rules.

    The best way to deal with this is to contact Chloe in a pm and I am sure she will explain it to you. Bev x

  • Thanks, Bev...it's probably best I do that...

  • You are welcome Anna. I am sure Chloe will explain it to you as she seems very nice (and remember the chaos on here before we had her). Bev x

  • Maybe I am overthinking it...I just want everyone to feel supported...

  • Here we go round the mulberry bush again on a cold n frosty morning .. Me no likey this .. I took a break after the last lot of cuffuffle and heck another post gets removed, it had me baffled this morning aaggghhhh .. Another one bites the dust .. Am offski for another break as well I cannot tolerate discontent .. I have enough of it going on on my life without it being on here too .. What's happened to the equilibrium we once had .. Since the apple cart got tipped over, things have not been the same .. A few of my friends on here will surely agree. I have liked all the comments here, it is my support to all who have posted x

  • Apparently there were "several" people who clicked the report key, but none of them seem to have responded in this discussion to explain why. It could make one quite paranoids!

  • Well if they reported you they would not want to respond to it . I see now why this happened reports are made .. Almost like being back at school haha .. Maybe we should not talk about this as it will ruffle feathers and cause a mess. I feel though I have to talk about stuff in order to clarify it in my head.

  • You're all quite right, I'm really going off the rails and it's my wife's birthday today, my daughter has come to visit and I've got 2 psychiatric appointments this morning. Enough to be sectioned, but unfortunately I know how to talk my way out it even though that will distress my wife. I'm supposed to be going to work tomorrow and no one there knows any of this, they all think I'm a good doctor doing my job! Amazing isn't it.

    I hope this honesty isn't too upsetting

    I need to scream!

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