Stressful and Disturbing Events Are Not Important

Stressful and Disturbing Events Are Not Important

Have you ever noticed medical websites and blogs always list the following as causes for mental disorders:

• Brain chemistry

• Genetics

• Drug and alcohol abuse

But rarely mention stressful or disturbing events and experiences in life as causes… And the treatments always include:

• Medication

• Counseling

• Peer support and understanding

• Exercise


• Religious and spiritual affiliations

But rarely mention:

• A stable job

• A compassionate, reasonable boss

• An enjoyable/loving environment

I propose a new group! The “Flourishing Environment Alliance.” Just like wild plants flourish on the banks of a lake, humans flourish in a favorable environment! It's not rocket science. :)


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  • I agree with you that the last three things are important for mental health, but are not things one can prescribe. However a person who lacks these three things, or finds they are not enough, can find solace or support in actively seeking out the other options. Take someone who has become depressed after a mugging, or an accident. They might find themselves feeling isolated from their friends and family who cannot understand why their support is not enough to make it possible to quickly process the event and move on, and might sink into depression. Often it is by looking outside ones environment to connect with others who have been through similar situations, you can find the help you need. Of course, the family and friends can help by keeping life going, by providing practical support. A helpful and understanding boss can help by allowing time off for treatment and by accepting a you might need less pressure for a while, but a doctor cannot enforce this. All he can do is suggest the counseling, the meds, the exercise etc.