Scratching myself when stressed

What it says on the tin really. I went through a phase of it a few years ago, and then it's kind of flared up again a bit. It's mainly linked to stressing over everything, I think. Especially when tensions with my housemate flare up and I've got an interview on Friday. I wonder if it it's amplified by my period as a couple of days beforehand, my mood just completely crashes and I get more stressed and low than I previously would be, and trying to think positive doesn't help. It's not anything severe, and not like properly drawing blood and everything, just kind of scratching along my shoulders and hairline and stuff. That and lack of sleep. I don't really know what I want from this post. I'm just putting words down.

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  • Hello WelshScotsman

    I thought I was confused, I am an Englishman living on the Scottish Border.

    Have you seen your GP and discussed your problem with him. ??

    Generally if depressed or you have anxiety we can worry when changes are happening in our lives so you are not alone. As if you are having problems with your flat mate, you are scratching yourself you need to consider what you want and need in this proposed new job, You also need to consider where you are coming from when it comes to employment.

    All I can really advise is look on the job interview as an experience that you can learn from, Life when young never seems to be straight forward so you need decide what you want and need.

    We are here for a chat if you need

    Good Luck


  • Hi there, I am currently having a problem with scratching my arms, it's much worse at times especially when I try to relax or go off to sleep, yet I found when I am focussed on something I don't seem to itch at all, so it could be stress related. I found that taking anti-histamines is a great solution. Some can make you drowsy which can be helpful at night, but you can get the non-drowsy ones as well.

    Of course none of that replaces talking to your doctor about it, just thought it might help taking one before the interview if you are worried about your skin making you want to scratch, as I would imagine they only work if your skin itches along with the compulsion to scratch through.

    Good luck with the interview x

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