i cant believe it having really bad headaches again its been a while any kind of stress triggers them ! my wife and sister are trying there best to help me im just worried im bringing them down ! i miss my mum as every else is but were all handling it differently i just seem to cry all the time my quetiapine helps a bit when i remember to take them any advice would helpful take care god bless david x


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  • Hi David ah headaches are awful, they are probably caused by stress. Grieving

    Is never easy, but just remember how close you were to your late Mum, treasure this. A lot of people don't have that bond with a parent.

    My parent died 10 yrs. ago quite close together, and I still miss them. You will

    Never forget your Mum but try and keep busy with things, even go for a walk,

    And the fresh air could help a headache. It's a hard road, but time will help

    A bit, and Be kind to yourself David as its early days for you.


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