hi everybody its been a while since ive been on here for that i apologize ! ive been searching.through here to see if i can help someone ! the last couple of months have been a bit mixed up my depression has being giving me trouble and ive not felt like talking about it my wifes been my rock as well as my sister ! getting a lot of tension head aches wish things would get better ! thank you to all the people who ive met on here ! ive noticed that my notifications arent coming up on my gmail any more any ideas david

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  • Hi David nice to see you online. Hope your ok, I haven't been on too

    Much myself at moment . I find it hard when people come on here ,

    Never introduce themselves or anything and then launch into all

    Their problems. It's very hard to help at least I find it hard if I don't know a

    Bit of background.


  • Hi David great to see you but I am sorry your depression been playing up. How is your mum? And how are you apart from this?

    The site seems really quiet at the moment but hopefully others will be in soon to chat. I can't help with the notifications except to say have you checked your details and are all the right boxes ticked etc.

    Bev x

  • hi bev thanks for getting back to me i hope your keeping well ! my mums back in the hospital at the moment its at this time my drepession and anxiety go off the scale my mum suffers from chronic heart failure 3 of tge four valve are fine but the 4th one sticks a bit ! she gets fluid retention so has go into hospital and gets oxygen and frusmide ! i know your parents cant be around for ever but i just worry a lot about something happening to my mum ! im sorry im onloading my problems on you i belive talking helps ! god bless each and everyone of you and im gratefull david x

  • David

    You do not need to apologise when you explain your problems and express your feelings on this website - it is what it is here for! You are not offloading, simply asking for support - maybe you did not realise that?

    It sounds hard for your mum and I can understand why you are worried about her, it must be hard seeing her with the health problem and I imagine fluid retention makes her breathing difficult which is always a difficult thing to witness.

    I can understand your worry about something happening to her, but I am not sure whether you mean you are worried about something happening and either her suffering and your not knowing what to do about it, or whether you are worried about losing her - it sounds as if it is more fear of losing her?

    You say you are married and have a sister, so I am presuming you do not live with your mum? It is difficult to see our parents declining but you are right, it is inevitable. I wonder whether you have a fear of loss that goes back to earlier experiences in your life because although it is usual for adults to feel sad about the possible death of their parents feeling anxious suggests maybe you have always been insecure? Maybe we can help you to talk more about that and perhaps come to terms with things while your mum is alive as in that way you will not have a difficult time when she does eventually die and you need to grieve.


  • Hello David

    Nice to hear from you.

    Sorry you feel a little low, you are lucky to have understanding people around you.

    Check your profile pages, it may be something has dropped out of your lists and you are not getting the notifications you should be getting.

    Life on here at the moment is very peaceful so possibly when that happens the actual blogs and questions are slower coming through.

    What have you been up to lately anything I can do.???

    I have been on holiday for three weeks and was writing on site at the cottages I stayed at, returned a week ago so now I wish I was away again. Going away again in September on the Scottish Ferries for two weeks doing the islands on a two week pass so I always look forward to that as all the wales and basking sharks should be able to be seen following the ferries. Pax has not been on the boats Our last dog loved them.

    Are you going away for a break ??.


  • thx for getting back to me your a top bloke bob ! bet your looking forward to your break! hope you have a great holiday were not going away this year due to financial constraints maybe next year ! will try to keep in touch tc david !

  • Hi David

    Excellent news that your getting good support from your wife and sister that's some of the best support you can get.

    I hope things pick up for you soon and please keep checking the site.

    Good luck


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