What is left?!

Hi im 12, and ive been down since i was 9. Ive hiden it until now, its getting worse each second. i feel underpressure, stupid, bullied, anxious, faint, empty and i just wish it would end. The reason for this is because my parents are chucking rules at me and always telling me off, also because im being bullied at school. Finally, all my friends have gave up on me. My girlfriend also feels the same.

I just dont know how to explain fully, but i need it to end. i needto just let it all go, but i cant, whats left?!


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14 Replies

  • Hi sorry your so down. Call childline on 0800 1111 it's confindential. They should be able to offer you the best advice :)

  • thanks. at least someone understands. is there anything else i can do??

  • I don't know hun, I don't have children. I do have a lot of experience with depression. Think this might be a good place to start though ! I wish I had answers for you but I don't xx

  • Why not give it a go :) x

  • Have you got one teacher you can talk to, or a school counsellor? It is often easier to talk to someone outside of the family,and talking does help. If you don't feel brave enough to do that, try childline,I think you can even do it by email. I think recognising that you need help is a good first step.

  • yeah ok. ive already got help at scool :) ill try childline later :) thanks so much!!! i feel abit better now :)

  • I know it's easier to say than do, but try and talk to your parents. I'm a mum to a daughter who is suffering with depression, so can only go on what helps us. Get a diary,write all the crap you feel down, this gets it out of your head. That helps me to move on from a problem. I do hope that you can see light at the end of the tunnel!

    With love.xxx

    Take care.

  • thank you so much! :) thank you for talking, you seem really nice :) and i hope your daughter gets better too! im sure she will. :) and i think that light in the tunnel is getting closer :D

  • No problems, Olly. Don't be afraid to talk on here, we're all very nice!

  • Hi Veggiemomma what a lovely kind caring reply , I'm sure your

    Daughter will be ok with such a caring lovely Mum.

    Hannah xx

  • Thank you Hannah!

  • With regard the Bullying, what does your Parents say regarding this??

    You could have words with your Head teacher or Headmaster and of course you could use child Line.

    Your Parents could go along to your school with you to discuss these problems. There are further things your parents can do, also the Police could be brought into the case as when you think of it this could affect your Education so you have to have this nipped at the bud.

    When I was at school, decades ago I was a problem child and was bullied. At school in those days the fist was in some cases the way forward. Today that would only make matters worse, although I suppose if you are attacked and hurt you need to protect yourself if no-one would do that for you as you are not even a teen.

    What is happening to you is not your fault it is the fault of the bully and as soon as you report it you take away the power that the bully feels He/She has over you, as most of these idiots are deeper cowards than most of the class they attend. One thing I was taught, when walking away imagine them with no clothes on, that makes them feel small. Remember the bully feels very uncertain of His place in school Society, they have to reinforce or try to show how important they are, they spend their days worrying that what they do to others will happen to them and that frightens them, sometimes their home life is hard and before school they had no friends, many can be suffering from a violent disfunctional family and this makes them feel in their own right a coward !!!

    If you need support you know where we are


  • Hey there Olly, so glad you posted. Sorry to hear you're so down, but it's great you've taken the first step and talked about it! Life at your age is so hard, it's been a while ago for me, but I do remember.😉 I agree that you need to talk to someone, anyone,who can help you with this bully situation. Not doing anything gives the bully too much power and it gets harder for you. You don't deserve that, nobody does. Take back your power and don't ever give up! Know that there is always those here to talk to when feeling down also. Hope things get better and don't forget, people do care. Pleases let us know how you're doing.


  • Therapists are people e I pay to talk to and they are expensive. There is a site called rentafriend.com. I plan to find someone to hang with that can be my therapist and friend. I t will be money better spent.

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