Can someone please tell me what to do

Hello my name is Lilly and I am eighteen years old. For the past couple of months I have been feeling physically unwell. From backpains, to just an overal boddily discomfort where it is difficult to move, and walk and get up etc. I am very tired, I used to think it was the side effects of the ADD medication, but I stopped taking it and I actually feel worse than when I was on them. I honestly don't know what to do anymore, and this neverending repetition of blurry days and feeling like an old lady, is making me extremely depressed, for everthing has become futile.

How do I wake up, and what is wrong with me, and can I ever be a normal teenager again without all this fatigue and pain and sadness.

Thank you.


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  • Hi Lily

    I think your first sensible thing to do woukd be to see your GP and get him

    To do a total check up on you, plus some blood tests.

    Then if everything is ok. You can take his advice, also should you be going off

    Meds without supervision?

    Good luck and talk it over with a trusted adult.

    Hannah x

  • Thank you Hannah x

  • Hello Lily

    Have words with your GP with regards your medication as I understand you suffer ADD, and not taking your medication will prevent you looking at life in a very clear way. People can confuse and you need the help of medications to smooth your life.

    With regard to back pain that could be caused by posture or sitting slumped on a settee, Your spine has not fully developed yet so it may be a good idea to chat with the GP.

    To be honest when I was the same age as you I was just as bad, fed up, depressed and feeling left out of Society, remember the older generations would do exactly the same things and wonder what life has to offer. With me I feel the same way now as when I was in my teens, I feel I lost the plot at berth and still looking for it at sixty five, so please do not worry, you are not alone


  • Have you had your thyroid and B12 levels checked - particularly the B12

    Checklist of potential symptoms here


    It may be difficult to convince GP because there are a lot of misconceptions about B12 - eg it's a form of anaemia and it's something that only affects old people.

    Also, the test isn't particularly accurate and you can be deficient but show up as 'normal' on the lab results - results under 450-500 really warrant more investigation.

    If you do get the test then get hold of your results and put them on the PAS forum on health unlocked.

  • Hello lillykins

    I so sorry your feeling this way

    My depression comes because of the pain I'm in

    It's a vicious circle

    One things for sure you won't feel better love unless you see a GP , I would try and see one that you like or have seen before also writing a list of your symptoms so you don't forget anything may help . I don't know much about ADD well I know nothing about it can that make you feel sad honey ?

    Take care nice to have met you

    Love squeak 🐷🐭xx

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