The Newbies are Everywhere!

And we want you to stay! How lovely that so many people have joined the forum during the last week or two. I'm wondering if we might like to briefly introduce ourselves to each other? I'll start, and please someone continue so I don't look like a complete numpty!

I'm Lucy, I'm 35 and I live in Wales. I'm a Primary School Teacher and I live at home with my two children. I Joined this forum two years ago!



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16 Replies

  • hi there im david 49 married no children but weve got a rabbit ! my.wifes a carer and im in security ! i joined this forum just after by brain bleed nearly 2 years ago ! they are a really good bunch on here lucy is as down to earth kind hearted person ! please dont be to afraid to ask as we dont bite honestlly we dont ! take care and drop in now and again. david !

  • I'm Hannah . Im 65 .... I know I can't believe I'm 65. I am retired. I live

    Alone in Dublin with my Furry LUNA cat.

    I sound like a mad cat woman sitting alone with slippers. Lol

    Hannah x

  • hannah you mad never helpful yes lol

  • You are Hannah! :d Bev x

  • I'm neither of those things, but thank you anyway! X

  • Hi I agree it's great so many nice newbies have joined us. All of you are very welcome.

    I am Bev, 60 (an old f...) I live in Devon. I live on my own apart from my kitten.

    Bev xx

  • I didn't know we lived so close Bev! I thought you lived in Yorkshire!

  • Hi my name is Karen. I am married and mum to twin girls. I am full time carer for my youngest twin as she has autism and epilepsy. I found this site about 8 months ago. I've only posted a couple of times but I have read a lot of posts. It is great that there is somewhere that you can go when no one else understands what you are going through. It has helped me so much xx

  • Hi Karen your very welcome here.

    Hannah x

  • Hi all.

    My name is Pete, I'm married with 2 daughters and I live in Norfolk. I joined the forum about a month ago having suffered from depression on & off for over 20 years.

    I have found some genuine, caring people on this forum who are always willing to offer non-judgmental advice.

    Best wishes


  • I'm Lorna, retired, I live in the Scottish Borders with my husband and three cats. Been off meds for one year but having to go back as I'm going downhill again. Trying meditation and exercise but still not coping. Trying to stay positive but every time any one is nice to me I end up weeping. My self esteem is at rock bottom. Talking to the group has left me feeling less alone.u

  • Hi, I'm Sue and live in St Helens. I'm 65 and live with my disabled husband and our 4 Burmese cats and I have two adult children but they live abroad so I don't see as much of them as I would like. I'm retired from teaching and therapy practice then did a fine art degree but have not done any artwork for several years due to lack of motivation. I have started walking with the Ramblers in recent months and go out on their coach walks every couple of weeks, also joined the U3A as I begin to feel better, I'm beginning to take up hobbies again - knitting, crafts, jigsaws, and gardening in the summer. xx

  • Hi Sue.

    We are the same age.

    Hannah xx

  • Hey... I'm DD. 17 years old.. Probably one of the youngest here . I'm from India but I stay in Dubai. I'm in my final year of school. I'll be starting university in June in India.

    I'm glad and quite happy to have found this website. So many amazing people here.

    I feel like I'm in good hands :) :)

    Thanxx all of u

  • Hi, just joined tonight.

    I'm SAM and 48 married with 3 boys, 24, 20 and 13

    Suffered with anxiety and depression on and off for years.

    Diagnosed with ovarian cancer July 2014, nearing the end of chemotherapy had major operation in October 2014. Things going good so far, although depression hit me like a brick 4 weeks after operation.

    I live in east Yorkshire and when I work I'm a nursery nurse x

  • I've just joined. I'm a 56 year old married woman, with cat and eldest son living at home. I retired two years ago. I live in Somerset.

    Am sos pleased to have found this site.

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