Long time no speak!

hey guys, how are we all? ive not been active for ages! got to fill you in on some things:

ive been diagnosed with depression and anxiety properly, and im on antidepressants and propanol pills to help symptoms. So far theyve not done much but make me feel tired, but im doing this with an open mind and hope for the best! I've got a psycologist now and my first appointment is in january, im scared but eager to get better.

i think this is good.

also, ive got a boyfriend now (one that i have been in love with for more than a year and were finally dating!) but theres problems with that..ill post that on a separate post though hahah

i hope you are all well and getting in to the festive feel of things. I know the world can seem a horrible place sometimes but sometimes you gotta change your perspective in order to reach happiness.


- Robyn xx


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4 Replies

  • Hi Robyn

    What a lovely Post.

    It's so lovely to hear your news. Give the Meds time as I remember when I first

    Took Antidepressants I felt really tired, but that wore off and that tired feeling is


    So good that your seeing Psychologist in New Year plus lucky you has a bit of

    Romance in your life. Enjoy every minute of it. He is getting a lovely young lady

    For a girlfriend.

    Enjoy your XmAs and keep in touch.

    Hannah xx

  • Hiya Hannah, thanks for the nice response :)

    I'm giving it some time for them to kick in, and my doctor wants to see me on a 2 week basis to see how im doing, he said he wnts to keep a close eye on me because of how young i am. Its sorta comforting in a way.

    I'm glad that its all becoming a thing, because i feel like im making progress, wheher it works or not, my self pride has been boosted for doing this for me because ive contemplated it for so long.

    Thank you so much! im very happy with him :)

    have you been up to much recently? would love to hear how youre getting on :)

    have a lovely christmas and a happy new year :)

    -Robyn xx

  • haha! is this an early gift from santa perhaps? :)

  • Lol . Technology Grr!!!