Zoloft lobotomy and burning brain

Zoloft lobotomy and burning brain

After being on Zoloft for 11 year, my world came apart when I suddenly felt a dart sticking in my left brain. (full description in my profile) CAT and MRI scans came out normal but despite the severe depression coming back, I was left with a paralysing sensation of early dementia (substantial cognitive and memory impairment), together with a permanent sensation that acid is being poured over my left frontal cortex. As if pins and needles are sticking in it, together with the burning sensation.

This has last for 1.5 years now with no signs of improvement and on top of that all the medication attempts for the depression have failed. I'm drifting in the ocean of despair and lost my hope, as I seem to have something that "it's impossible for someone to have", as the doctors refer to it as "sensory hallucinations", anxiety effects, or simply ignore it.

Can anyone relate to this frontal cortex pins & needles sensation? I have tried so many approaches to it but it only seems to get worse, no matter what I try.

Please... someone help me


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  • What is that diagram all about?!

  • Hi Lucy, here's the link in case you couldn't load it


    What it shows is my pharmacological path since I was first diagnosed with major depression.

    All was going fine, and I even forgot myself that I had depression. All I had to do was to pop a pill a day to keep it away. My diagram is a simple example of one more victim of big-pharma. I wish I had knew this before I was forever destroyed by it.

    It shows that once the brain is damaged due to drugs overclocking it, it's useless to try pharmacological approaches to fix the devastation that was left behind.

    The unfortunate true story of psychiatry was revealed by Robert Whitaker on his books ("anatomy of an epidemic" and "mad in America")

    Psychiatry is truly abandoning the wounded in the battlefield. That's the testimony that my diagram tries to give, while seeking for someone's opinion on what to do next.

  • Have you ever had your B12 levels looked at?

    Unfortunately isn't a good test and you can be showing clinical signs but show up as 'normal' on tests.

    This is a link to check list of symptoms:


    B12 deficiency can take years (even decades) to manifest and progress. GPs aren't very good with it and tend to think of it as a blood disorder - but this is actually one of the symptoms - caused by B12 not being around to regulate proper reproduction of cells.

    Zoloft is an SSRI and as such can affect your F9 (folate) levels, and as both B12 and B9 are needed for a lot of processes this can make the B12 deficiency worse.

    You might find looking at info on the Pernicious Anaemia Society website


    or the B12 deficiency website



    PAS have a forum on health unlocked as well.

  • I have had this happen to me. Please reach out to me at Christianforbear@yahoo.com or Christian forbear at yahoo.com