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I’ve posted a couple of posts about self-help, and just want to check that it’s okay. I do not want to appear to be preaching, sermonizing or sounding condescending.

I think it’s important to empower people as much as possible as otherwise it’s an almost impossible struggle to beat depression. There are loads of books on self-help, but that’s quite difficult to embrace when you’re feeling depressed. Bite-sized it’s easier to take on. If you visit a GP and ask for a referral, that’ll take ages, and then there will be a long wait until you see a therapist who in any case will only give you ten sessions of therapy, a lot of which is used discussing your situation.

Some of the topics I have in mind posting are:-

Anger, sadness – depression

NHS v Private healthcare

Being sectioned

Feelings check


Not necessarily in that order.

I’m not a healthcare professional. I gained my knowledge over a number of years as a patient in private and NHS mental health care. A lot of what I learnt is not very useful but occasionally there is a useful nugget of information, which I can distil and post here. From there people can then use Google to explore the topic further if they wish.

So, my question is – would this be helpful to you?




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4 Replies

  • My own feelings about this are that as long as a post is respectful and just offering choices then it is not preaching and I feel that we as individuals who have had the experiences we have had can sometimes help more than a professional though it is important to realise that what works for one will not necessarily work for another.

    Depends on who we are where we are on the "journey" (if we see it like that) and many other factors. but yes please do contribute your wisdom as you are so right; sometimes just a "nugget" has meaning for someone and can help on that road to recovery.

    Gemma X

  • Hi Pete

    I think anything posted in good faith about Depression can help, I guess it's

    The personal things that helped You that would be more Interesting. I suppose

    People can look up any topic on the Internet but a persons experience is always

    More Interesting.


  • Hi I think it is good to post information about these subjects on here. They might only help the odd person but that would still be well worth it. Go for it.

    bev x

  • hello you might find interesting internet resources out there worth sharing, i don't give myself time to flick through the health pages in the newspapers and some signposts to new research, or changes in nhs policy is always useful,