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Self help? Meditation Books?


Hey guys, it's getting closer and closer to the New Year, and I already know what my aims are for 2014!

I want to get slimmer, and better, control my depression and do well in University.

But first to do that, I've heard about this 5:2 diet and I'm having a little look at the book with some attempts soon.

But I was thinking of buying a self help book for my dark days to read and also a meditation one? But I have no idea what ones to go for. Obviously being a uni student I don't want to get books that break the bank, and I did have a look in waterstones and whsmith (smiths didn't even have a self help section -.-).

Has anyone got any luck with self help and meditation books? Which ones are the best to buy? As I don't want to buy one that claims they have all the answers to the Universe just for it to tell me to ''get over it'', you know?

Hope this makes sense, also what are you're New Year Resolutions? x

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Hi Cara,

Nice to hear from you again.

I'm reading Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression. Don't buy it because it will break the bank, but if Uni library or the city library network has any copies, it's well worth reading. Then you could get one of Jon Kabat-Zinn's books on mindfulness to keep for the bad days.

Otherwise it really depends what you think lead you to wind up with depression?

Hey, I did see a CBT workbook, which looked quite good to help me cope with depression, I doubt my uni library will have it as it's mainly academic reading they have, wish the uni library was also a normal library then I could rent out reading books instead of owning my own library at home! haha

But thanks I will have a look around I might be able to get it for cheaper online somewhere x

Hi cara

I'm still looking for a book that helps but thought I'd mention Amazon and eBay as they both have second hand books which hopefully won't break the bank.

Jules x



Try Amazon, they have a good selection, of new and second hand books

All the best


''you tube'' has lots of guided meditation vids, and if you have an inclusive internet package this is great for finding a style that suits you. I find video and audio a lot easier to get to grips with . Also check out what free vids you can download from sites via pod-cast or i-tunes etc. not sure if you have looked into the free web based self-help courses like or mood gym, though they can be a dry for my taste, which is why i prefer the audio/visual stuff.

My resolution is a continuation of the last few years sort out my chaotic life, a long term project that.....

i have just brought two books by paul mckenna wit cds that calm you as he speaks you will feel completly relaxed i listen to them every evening and i feel a lot calmer even without my partner since christmas eve ,he couldnt take my mood swings the books are called instant confidence and contol stress

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