Feeling like i am a pain for everyone

Hi, I am new here. Joined the site a few weeks ago and plucked up the courage to make a post.

In a 'maybe - maybe not' sort of mind on if writing down my difficulties will help me a little more.

I feel selfish talking about myself and that I am just a pain to the people I could talk too about my feelings amd what I am stuggling with and think its hard for them to understand how I am feeling so thought coming here, to a community, would maybe be the right place for me.

I just don't know to be honest...


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12 Replies

  • Hello ems & nice to meet you here

    You will be made very welcome by everyone & I hope you find that this is the right place for you to get support .. it has been a lifeline for me on my worst days

    Well done for posting & be assured that you're not a pain or selfish but depression eats away at our self worth

    You will not be judged here, we are a friendly bunch who will support you as much as we can & have a giggle on a good day

    Catch up again soon

    Take care

    Lesley xx

  • Hi Ems

    Welcome to the forum. Nice to meet you. You will never be a pain to us on here.

    This is a safe place to say how you feel and we support each other. We arent professionals but we can share experiences. Like Lesley said this has been a good support for me and a big part of my coping strategies in living with this horrible illness.

    David x

  • You are not a pain. When you are feeling down you deserve help and understanding, so please reach out and get all the support that you need from here. You will find many like yourself. I grew up thinking it was wrong to have needs of my own so felt guilty for just normal things. If you think about it if you need something like understanding and compassion then why not reach out and get it (from the right places and from people who understand) I hope we can all support each other on this site and between us all care for us all and ourselves as we all deserve it.

    A quote I read recently which may help. You are worthy just because you exist. You do not need to be or do anything to be a worthy human being. Just be.

    We are not born with depression. We develop it over a period of time due to life's circumstances (with maybe a genetic element thrown in in some cases) but in many cases it is just what life has thrown at us. So yes you deserve help.

    Gemmalouise XXX

  • Gemma I like that Quote. Your reply is lovely.

    Hannah x

  • Hi Ems A big big Welcome here to you. I wholeheartedly agree with what David.Gemma

    And Lesley have said. They have said it all.

    You are never a pain, but you will find this Forum, it's like a little family, everyone

    Helps each other and it's always great to get another view and mostly

    To know. We are not alone. Depression can make you feel alone and not worthy,

    So that's why your feeling like this.

    Ems I hope you give us a chance and thereby give yourself a chance to

    Have a better life.



  • Thank you all so much for your messages. I have the feeling that this could help me. Even if its just a little its still very worth it for me as I feel like I am at a complete dead end. Thank you for your kind posts and expect to see me pop up now and then and comment on posts too :) x

  • Hi , first of all your not a pain, but the depression makes you feel like that. maybe you could share your difficulties so that we might be able to offer our experiance of how we deal with similar situations, and how we get through them.

    You are not going to say anything that will shock us , were here for you. When we find it hard we share, then we dont feel so alone. We are important so are you, and if one day , the others being the ones who havent got depression can learn from our experience of how it feels. As how the hell do they know, they dont suffer the same as we do, they just are not sensitive enough to qualify lol

    kindest regards


  • Hi ems you are not a pain. You're talking to the right people on this site as we all probably feel like you are on a regular basis( well I do any way!) I've been so down my doctor put me on antidepressants and I'm just realising my worth. I can be a pain I'm sure but there again so can every one else! Some of the biggest pains I know think they're amazing and that there's nothing wrong with them and it's everyone whose a pain! Phew got that off my chest! Please know you're a very worth while person,you seem lovely. Chat to us all anytime xx

  • Well I joined on saturday and I have yet to make a post about my own feelings but I have responded to a few people. Writing things down does help, it helps you realise what your problems are and help you own up to them. I know i tend to belittle my own problems and issues and i am working up to making a post of my own, we are all in the same boat here so no one will judge you, and one day soon i will talk about myself. When the time is right we are all here for you.

    Take care Su.

  • Lovely to see that you have posted here Ems,

    I think everyone else has pretty much covered it but I'm not afraid to reinforce it, many of the people on here feel exactly the same way about posting about themselves (I am also one of them) and while you may feel that way to begin with, I can guarantee that you will feel much better after you find that there are so many wonderful people on here who are able to help and relate to you and what your going through.

    It may be hard but this post itself is the first step (And also the hardest one) so well done and welcome :)


  • It's a lovely post em's and very honest. We are all a pain to those who don't understand depression, that's why we are all here on this lovely site helping each other. Stick with us and we will all support and help you all we can. xx

  • Hi and welcome, we will be here for you. We have all been having the same or similar difficulties. And we understand, and are here to help.

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