Feeling low

Trying to fill in a job application form but it's hard to concentrate as I'm feeling so low. Doesn't help that the application form is a non-standard one. Think I'm going to make a rule that I need to do at least one form before 12 noon every day and then at least I stand a chance of getting one completed without feeling frustrated and angry at myself.

Anyone else feel this way when it comes to applying for jobs? I just feel like every time I do a search or try and fill something in, I get this mental block of anxiety and stress and helplessness.

At the moment it's taking me ridiculously long to fill in a single text field. Still, keep plodding on...

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  • Hiya,

    There must be certain sections that are common to most applications? Could you save a bank of responses on your computer, so they can either be copied onto your new form, or at least serve as reminders of what you've previously written?

    If you use Google Chrome, you can use auto-full for all your personal details? X

  • I did have them all saved on my old computer but this new one doesn't have them. the auto fill hasn't kicked in for me yet - it keeps coming up with my brother's details because he's the last one that used it....

  • It should work for the next one. Fingers crossed. It's just the first one that's so frustrating because it's a very old fashioned web form and doesn't display the info the way you put it in, eg. it asks for 'Employer Name' (name of company) and then displays just the first word of the company because it's treating it like an actual name.

    Still - at least it's better than filling in application forms on microsoft word that you need to completely reconfigure as you are filling them in! (I sometimes think they do that to ensure that you are are proficient in microsoft but that's maybe too Machiavellian.... ;) )

  • Hi Carmela, you poor love. I think it's best to do them in a.m.

    Set yourself a time limit to fill in the form. Set your Mob. To alarm

    In maybe 15 mins. And get typing.

    Then try and do something nice for yourself as a reward. Could be a lovely

    Coffee and a a bit of dark chocolate. Or buy some flowers for you.

    It's hard doing this but if you don't do it. You will feel this nagging in your head,

    And you won't enjoy the day.

    Hope this helps a bit.


    Hannah x

  • Thanks Hannah . I'm not doing any more tonight - going to try again tomorrow.

  • Yes relax and get good nights sleep.


  • Hopefully. Going to start making to-do lists again I think. Had a fuzzy-head few days as I just finished my job, then was a bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding, then had to support my mum at a funeral of a family friend down in England, and then came home absolutely shattered and in need of a few days of not talking to anyone and not expecting too much of myself. Slowly starting to build up the pace again.

  • ARGH I put the wrong dates for my education in. Fail.

  • I think you should post it here and we'll all help you fill it in!

  • It's not even a big scary job! Just 3 months membership recruitment for NGS, so basically just talking to people and helping them fill out forms.

  • Hi Carmela

    Yes I feel like this too. I have decided not to apply for any jobs until September anyway as I feel so low and exhausted. I know I would struggle to fill a form in and I would not perform well at interview. In fact that whole process of applying for jobs fills me with dread. I have just started sweating and had to open a window.

    Dont be too hard on your self if you dont get a form filled in each day. Just see how you feel each day. On a good day you may do two, other days you may not do any. As Lucy said if they are online there are ways to help make life easier.

    Take care of yourself and have a rest.

    David x

  • David, I have the same feelings. Can't face the thought of going back to my current employment and panic stricken at thought of having to apply elsewhere. Oh goodness the interviews. Feel my stomach churning at the thought.

    That is a good plan not applying until September. Hope you have the beans and tomatoes in the ground!

    Sarah x

  • Hi Sarah

    The veggies are doing well thanks.

    I felt really tired when I woke up and sat at my computer for an hour feeling sorry for myself. However I was determined to go for a bike ride. I managed half an hour quite fast riding which has made me feel much better!

    im just resting now with a coffee (not in the garden today as it is cloudy).

    Hope you are ok. Have a good day.

    David x

  • Thanks David. I used to think I was really bad at interviews, and although I still get very anxious before and after them, I try to think of it as acting a part, and that helps me get through it and present myself well.

    Of course afterwards I feel bad because I tell myself that I only did well or got the job because I presented a confident and capable lie to them. I've spent the last year in my job sick worried that they'd find me out as a neurotic, paranoid, anxious bundle of depression and low-self esteem.

  • I think we spend a lot of time putting on an act of being confident when really we arent, I know I do that, especially in the work place.

    It would be good to be honest in an interview or with colleagues and be accepted for who we are. I expect more people feel like us than we realise.


  • Hi,

    First of all good luck.x

    Filling out application forms is soul destroying even when you feel 100%! Would prefer to do my ironing or clean the toilet and that is saying something.

    I wouldn't make it a rule to do one before 12pm as if you don't do one a morning it may make you feel even lower. But you sound a bit task/ goal driven like me. Anyway just don't want you to beat yourself up if you don't achieve this. As Lucy has said when you have some formatted answers you should be able to copy them, that always helps. Also I think the idea of time limiting yourself as Hannah mentions is a good one.

    No doubt you are busy filling in now!

    Sarah x

  • Thanks for replying. Just finished it now. I am a perfectionist, that's the problem. So the way I'm dealing with it is trying not to care if it's not the best application in the history of ever, but just getting it done and sent. Rule is not to complete form by 12 noon, but to at least have started the process by then - much more achievable!

  • Good idea to set achievable goals.

  • I get the perfectionist bit. I find it hard to say 'that's good enough' - I think perfectionists often suffer with depression and anxiety. Trying to be kinder to myself and not set such high goals and standards.......which you either never meet or if you do they were too easy anyway!

    Well done for finishing it,


  • Thanks Sarah. Why is it that it's always harder to be kinder to ourselves than to other people? :)

  • Sorry Carmela, I replied below to David when I meant to respond to you. I haven't got the hang of the way the threads of conversation work.......doh!

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