this was sent to me today

this was sent to me today

You never know what someone is going through. Therefore, a little more kindness, patience, and ‪#‎love‬ is needed.

I would add -

telling someone "but you look so well" or

"there's hundred's worse off than you" or

" so-&-so has pain but she still works"

we are all individual.

one person's illness, anxiety, depression, problems or pain does not diminish yours.

there can be no comparisons.

it's not a competition.

with love,

H :)

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5 Replies

  • I completely agree with this!

    It still ceases to amaze me how many people say 'just cheer up' or 'what's wrong with you today? you were fine yesterday', 'has something happened?' - that one really gets me! You say 'nothing has HAPPENED, it's just me' but they can't understand it and say 'well just cheer up then' !!!! It's a never ending viscous circle.

    And those who don't know what's really wrong, I say to them 'I just don't feel well' and they reply 'but you look fine'!!!

    Everybody, and I mean everybody, should read the above. x

  • Completely agree with this!! I hate that "What happened?" and then the "Just cheer up then" thing; it makes you feel so small and stupid for "apparently" having no reason for feeling how you do; and also that it is not a good enough "excuse" for being low; just that you feel that way.

  • It does just make you feel so much worse. On a day that is obviously not one of the better days anyway, it's like kicking you whilst you're down (pun intended!! :) ) x

  • This is so true Hamble. Goes well with the theme of Viktor's post on similar topic.

  • Yes I've had people say exactly those things and it makes you even more down.

    Luckily I had two great friends who were at my house everyday for nothing more than just a chat, usually an hour a day and you don't realise how much good it does you . Then the penny drops and you know you have help.

    Just a shame everyone can't have such friends

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