I need help please

I'm so scared 2 weeks ago my sister n laws mother passed away in her sleep so I don't know if that's what's triggering these feelings or if it's a sign...but I just keep thinking (ALL DAY) for 2 weeks now I keep thinking im gonna die I haven't had voices telling me or anything but I just can't seem to shake this thought and it's scaring me I know I'm healthy but my health doesn't seem to be the issue it's just every day I'm constantly thinking about it I've made my mom stay with me for the past 2 weeks and she keeps telling me im fine that I just have this thought stuck in my brain and I've got to retrain it to stop thinking like that but I don't know how I don't know if it's a premonition or if it's a different type of anxiety can someone help me please


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  • Someone? Has anybody been like this before

  • Hiya sorry you got no answer. Sometimes people are at work, or don't know what to say and so on.....This does sound like an anxiety problem for you. You don't give much information about how old you are and so on but I am guessing you are quite young? Yes it is frightening that someone has just passed away in their sleep but this will not happen to you unless you have an underlying problem which is very rare. Very occasionally young people can have heart problems and so forth but if we were to focus on what could go wrong at any moment in our lives then we would never do anything!! Think of it as anxiety and try and think of a way to control your anxiety such as doing everyday things which you like. You could also try the anxiety forum on Action on depression but I expect they will tell you the same. Gemma X

  • Thanks for your reply. I'm 24. It's so scary the Dr told me yesterday that it's a form of anxiety and fear of death. It's just scaring me so much I don't know what to do I don't have a feeling of how I will die just that I will and I've never been like this. It's getting nerves so worked up I think so many things like is this a premonition or what I've never had one and why would this keep going on for over 2 weeks now it's so frightening I just wanna know I'm not the only one who has thoughts like this and how long it took to go away

  • Hiya. Replies can be a bit slow during the daytime because of jobs and stuff. Don't feel that it's because we don't care, we do :)

    Sounds like it may well be anxiety triggered by a death - I would go to your GP and talk to them. They can refer you for therapy and treatment if it is medical anxiety.

    Hope you feel better soon :)


  • I can remember a while back about 8 years ago when my anxiety was really bad I kept thinking everything possible that I was gonna have a heart attack or have this disease or that disease but somehow that faded away and now I don't know what's making me think im gonna die I don't have a day month or time or cause like normal premonition stories I've read so maybe it is some type of anxiety my mom says I just have it buried in my head from thinking it so much that I've made it feel even more real. I hope that's the case and this fades away so I can go back to normal and not worrying about tomorrow

  • If it's happened before it could be that you have a susceptibility to anxiety - especially as both incidences are related to illness/death. Does your current GP know it happened before?

    There is also an Anxiety Support community on HealthUnlocked - that might be a good community to join as well as there might be people there with more direct experiences like yours.

  • Hi

    It sounds like the death of that fairly distant relation has triggered your anxiety about your own mortality. No one can know exactly why that is, but my own way of understanding would be that you have had that anxiety inside you as a result of something that happened in your past, perhaps a long time ago and maybe even before you can remember, but that the emotions have been re-triggered as a result of the similarity between the situation of your relation dying and your own in the past. Maybe as a child you went to sleep at some time and wondered whether you would wake up or perhaps never do so. If the feelings do not settle you could ask your GP to refer you for CBT therapy as that can be very helpful in containing irrational fears such as your fear of dying.


  • Thanks for the replies I just wanna be normal again and quit thinking something is gonna happen to me so I can enjoy my 2 beautiful daughters but at this point and for the past 2 weeks my mind has just been stuck on this and I am a Christian I know we are not promised about tomorrow but think it will just help to know someone else has thought like this and was struggling with it like myself but ended up being ok

  • when someone, family or friend (or even a celebrity) dies, it can trigger concerns about our own mortality. this is perfectly normal.

    Sometimes, if we are feeling anxious or sad but don't really know why, our minds will look for a reason - logical or not, and dwell on it. e.g. we may have said something in jest to someone and both laughed, knowing it wasn't meant to hurt. then that person gets ill and you say " oh no! I called him a miserable old g*t last week" you get upset, it plays on your mind, even though, logically, he'd laughed and then forgotten it.

    Talk to your gp, maybe consider cbt, or talking to the samaritans - they're there for all kinds of support through listening.

    Anxiety Support is another great HU site and people will help, but as here, people come on at different times of the day. others read but don't feel up to replying. but you will be read and someone will reply. if, on the rare occasion it might get missed, write a post and ask people to look a your question.



  • Hi you have had lots of good advice there. Health anxiety is quite a common feature of anxiety. One thing I have found which helps me is every time I feel anxious I try and interrupt the flow of thoughts. I look at what's on telly or speak to someone or whatever. You might need to do it constantly at first but it does get easier over time. What is most important is that you don't allow yourself to dwell on it. Easier said than done I know. Medication might help you so I advise you see your doctor as well. Let us know how you get on please x

  • Hi Michelle,

    My mum felt just like you after my aunty died of cancer. She actually felt as though something was crawling under her skin all over her body. She went to the docs and he told her it was quite common and for her to try and focus on her everyday stuff (she was working and he wouldn't sign her off sick). She wandered the streets at night as she couldn't sleep, she was so consumed by her feelings.

    I'm happy to tell you that over 30 years later she's still alive and kicking although she's still afraid of death. She'll be 80 this year. :)

    You say you're a Christian...maybe it would be helpful for you to go to church and have a quiet word with the priest/vicar about how you're feeling...they are usually great listeners.

    Good luck hun,



  • Sometimes I find I have to be strict with myself and say:that's enough of that: I will drive myself mad.so strength of mind is a must,tell yourself off not to be so stupid and carry on with your life,it is a treasure . Good luck.

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