Sorry i not been online for past week .But would like to say thank you to all specaly Stilltying

i had abit of of bad week but otherwise im still holding on .

It is hard and im still struggling to cope with my feelings . I have many a night just thinking about whats happened in my past from childhood to present day but i am trying my hardest to hold my self together thank you all once again for your support Donrob

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  • Hi don-rob

    We are all going through the same. Lets stick together we can beat this illness.

    Good to hear from you. Sorry you are struggling. So am I as I just dont know what is happening to me.


  • Hi David

    thanks yes is very hard trying to cope i had problems with my depression since early 80

    It was recent events that have triggered it again and now i just feel as though im being haunted by my past childhood as my grandchildren where placed into care after being taken from their parents

    like i was i went through realy bad times with my farther and my parents seprared it hurts me knowing what my daughter is going through having her children taken from her worst is knowing that we never will see them again .

    My eldest daughter has also cut off from the Family ive tryed an tryed to get contact with her but had no luck its so frustrating nothing i can do and now my younger daughter wont talk to me or her mum about what happened she just wont lets us in and help her i just dont know what to do anymore

  • Wow don-rob, I can see from what you have just explained why you are feeling the way you are; it's like history repeating itself as you say you went through bad times with your father and now your daughter can't see her children presumably because of something similar has happened with her husband if I read your post right? And now she won't let her help you with it or talk to you about it? I think it is good that you are talking about all this to us and explaining. We are not experts on here but we are caring people and we listen and everyone on here has a story. It must be so distressing for you all of this.

    I'm really glad you're holding on; you are bound to be thinking a lot about things and all that has happened. I am sure don-rob that you have been the best father you could have been to your children but I understand how much it must be hurting now and with being cut off from them, it must be so difficult for you and to see your daughter going through this and unable to help. I hope your appointment will help you . I think just the fact that you are able to recognise what has set off this latest bad phase for you is a good sign. Try and keep strong Take good care, gemmalouise x

  • You have a lot of very painful family issues. Maybe talking

    Them over with someone would help you. It would be very

    Hard for most people to cope with. Why were the children

    Taken off your daughter? Or do you know.

    Take care of yourself please.


  • Sorry to hear that. Wish I could offer advice. Just to say that I am here if you want a chat.

    Im off work with depression. Dont know if I can work for a while as this illness is so overwhelming.

    One day at a time.


  • Hi Do. Rob glad your still holding on.

    Yes getting stuck ruminating on the past is one of the worst

    Things a Depressed person can do.

    Try and stay in the present and take it day by day.


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