Give up or fight?

I have been suffering from post natal depression for over a year nothing has ran smoothly and i have been fighting to hide the depression from my kids and most of my in laws and the people at work.i dont want them to think i am not a good mum because i try my best even if i am not perfect.i having issues with medication at the moment so really not at my best i am so fed up of firstly dealing with and fighting depression but also trying not to let people see i am suffering i just want to give up on it all. How do I keep going when i feel everyone would be better off if i wasnt around and putting them all through this??

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  • Hi there and welcome here. Please don't give up. It's very hard to struggle on

    And hide the Deoression from everyone. That is a terrible strain.

    I think you should try and talk thus over with your husband, tell him how you

    Feel. Maybe an appt.with your GP would be a starting point.

    Please come back as it's quiet tonight, but you are not alone and don't give up.


  • Went to see my gp tonight and left feeling worse wasn't my usual doctor and was totally disinterested in the side effects I was having just wanted to up dose and didn't want to discuss options with me just couldn't be bothered. Tempted to let people know what's going on but worried about the reaction it took a lot of effort from me to help my parents and husband understand I really don't think I have the strength to talk it through with anyone else.

  • Ah that's terrible about the GP. There is nothing worse than that, you just feel

    So alone.

    You sound exhausted so try and get some rest. Have you thought about any specific

    Support group for Post natal depression, I know depression is depression, but it

    Must be hard with the pressure of trying to be a good mum. I find even reading some

    Advice on the web about PND could help. Mumsnet , don't give up.

    Will have a chat tomorrow as I'm going to bed now. It's been Quiet here tonight, but

    Pop back tomorrow.

    Your not alone so try and get good nights sleep as I get exhausted when I'm going

    Through a Dep. Then I get overwhelmed and on it goes. Lol

    Hannah x

  • Google PND ( I just did). There are lots of good sites and forums so have

    A look as it would be a help for you.


  • Hi there. I had PND twice, much worse the second time. Looking back, I can't believe I let my entire maternity leave slip by in a haze of tears and sadness. Luckily, I had a very supportive GP who was happy to share the fact that she'd suffered herself. Having this level of empathy helped me enormously. There's a dreadful stigma attached to PND, that women are rubbish parents and their children aren't looked after properly. GP's aren't always supportive and this doesn't help either. Are you still under the care of your Health Visitor? They are often really clued up on this and can be really helpful. Here anytime you want to chat x

  • Hey there, I don' want to give you any advice that could be wrong and you were so unlucky with your GP not being very supportive, happened to me once, just made feel stupid!

    I just want you to know I'm a mum too and I know how you feel. I bet you are a great Mum but you are just going through a hard time, please don't be too hard on yourself. So many mums feel this way and I think we have so much pressure put on us by other people and also ourselves, to be able to cope with everything, that it can become overwhelming at times. Find a GP thats more understanding and know that you are so not alone in how you are feeling just now, I have been there and know how it feels, hope to hear from you x.

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