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Hi there , wonder if you can tell me whats the drug of choice at the mo with most GPs , I have done most of them and some days are better than others , I don't sleep well . I am wondering if I should give Prozac another try but it is an older drug . I have just come off Duloxotine and onto Mirtazapine but doubt I will stick with them as not for major depression , I am 25 years now depressed , I know it will never ever go away but I just want the crashes to go away , cut myself 2 days ago , not done it before ... My psych told me its part of my make up etc , nice eh , but he is probably true , My mam died 18 months my daughter left home , don't talk to my family and have pushed my friends away. Iam 49 lived more years than I have left , People say snap out of it make an effort , those people don't understand real depression sorry .. UK GPs are so backward when it comes to anti depressants I feel So I need help guys on what to try next I need a break from this black cloud ... suggestions more than welcome xx


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  • Hi,GPs are generally limited on their formulary by medicines management for reasons of ££££.

    Are you under a psychiatrist? If not, ask if you can be assessed as 25 years a long time.

    My partner has puttered around on SSRIs for 10+ years then was diagnosed ADHD in a research trial. This meant he HAD to be under a psychiatrist who was very gentle in persuading him to try different meds. After trying a couple more in the SSRI class his psych suggested a reversable MAOI. The difference has been astonishing.

    Also, if your MH service is offering DBT or even classes on mindfulness/resilience then grab them - these are skills that help even in the dark times.

  • My psychiatrist told me to study CBT online , you can imagine my reply xx

  • There really isn't that much new on the market, Duloxetine is probably the newest and quite a few have had the plug pulled so there's even less of a choice than there was say 5/10years ago. I am in a similar position/state as you with 20+ years of it behind me and seemingly not much to look forward to.

    I paid for a full genetic screening which showed up a susceptibility to schizophrenia and bipolar as well as the COPD mutation and the breast cancer mutation. It also showed a resistance to many synthetic drugs but a rapid metabolic response to alcohol.

    They knew absolutely nothing about me and yet it's all bang on the nail!

    My psychiatric notes say 'schizoaffective disorder' and 'unspecified personality disorder'.

    I too am at my wits end and last year tried to kill myself 3 times unsuccessfully.

    Sorry this doesn't answer your question but at least you know you're not the only one banging your head against a proverbial brick wall. I am 57 years old.

    Feel free to contact me if you want to chat at all.

  • Firstly thank you for the reply , my psychiatrist I saw once who also diagnosed PTSD and gave me Duloxetine he refereed me for CBT a year on I am still waiting , My psychiatrist asked me 3 questions if he had a magic wand what could he do , the 3 answers I gave him were impossible , my mum to be alive ,my daughter to still live with me and to be young again ... he also told me tablets may help but wouldn't ever totally make my life worth living ., he spoke the truth ... I am sick & tired of being sick & tired . life is hard .... xxx

  • Hi hunni

    I have also tried CBT and DBT but haven't the motivation to 'kick myself up the backside' so to speak. I too wish that my daughter was still at home...being a full time Mum can be a great distraction and it can be devastating to those few of us who can't cope with life beyond motherhood.

    The tipping point for me was needing a hysterectomy although it didn't hit home for about six months that I was no longer a 'complete' woman anymore.

    As I've previously said to you, genetics play a very big part in my illness...who knows how big a part they play in the 'untreatable cases' that go on for years and years, seemingly defying every medication on the market.

    Sadly I fear we are too late in life for genetic engineering to be a feasible option for us :(

    Just do as I do and do the best you can to keep on keeping going.


    Lorraine xxx

  • I also think I suffer bi polar although this has never been confirmed xx

  • Medication can only do so much and has to be used in conjuction with other self help remedies, counselling., mindfulness. CBT. Meds are just a part of the solution and my psychiatrist was very clear on this. It is important to have a toolbox of remedies to fall back on when we need them.

    Why don't you try the online CBT it can't hurt and may help.

  • Hi there , CBT isn't for me ,, I have been recently diagnosed with PTSD too , no medication offered ,,, thanks for the reply

  • Hi there sorry your feeling like there is nothing you can do.

    There is no magic pill and I supposes we have to lot of the work

    Ourselves , try different t things, CBT may help a bit even,

    If you get a little bit of help from this And a bit of help from

    A support group.

    It's better than nothing , don't give up, make a list of

    Any changes you could make to improve your life.


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