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A two fingers to Mirtazapine - Awful drug!


For about three years (yes it really has been that long!) I have been backwards and forwards to my GP asking to come off Mirtazapine. It's great for sleep, but crap for weight gain and metabolism increase.

Most GP's have said I had to go cold turkey without a replacement. I've spent many a period feeling so awful that I have had to return to it after 4/4 weeks.

Until recently when a new ish GP actually did some homework. She took me off Mirtazapine and suggested Olanzapine.

That drug has changed my life! I am less anxious, less moody, less depressed, I am active, eating well and have already lost a few pounds. I am really happy for the first time in god knows how long. I feel a new person.

Mirtazapine was making me feel worse and I never knew it. I sometimes get tired now because I am on the go from the moment I wake up. But I prefer that to the fogginess and demotivation that the Mirtazapine caused.

So a big two fingers to Mirtazapine. I now feel I have a bright future.

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Yes,same was the case with me


Some medications work well for some patients, while they are terrible for others.

There is nothing you can do regards an earlier change. Be thankful now you are managing that much better on your new AD.

You seem to be doing well so forget about the negative and look forward to a new life that you are beginning to control


I had a terrible fog brain with Mirtazapine and dangerous thoughts so only lasted 2-3 weeks on them.

I have not heard of Olanzapine but it seems it is more commonly used as antipsychotics and not depression.


I am on mirtazapine and have been since I was 15. To start with got such a foggy head but that’s a lot better now.

I have tried coming off it once but felt so low so started talking it again after a few weeks like you said.

I have also been on olanzapine twice which I didn’t get along with.

I would love to come off mirtazipine but don’t know how.

I’m not a very big fan of meds as had some bad experiences.

But good luck. I hope all works out

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