Death of the Toaster

Death of the Toaster

Hope everyone has had a good day.

I thought last night that my toast was a bit underdone but didn't think anything of it until this morning when I couldn't get it to do anything at all. Thought may be it was the fuse so tried changing that but nothing doing so ....

As I put it in the conservatory with other dead small appliances waiting to go to their final resting place at the tip when I next go over there I thought - well that's another thing that outlasted my marriage ... and thought about the person who gave it to us.

don't know where the ex is and don't want to know - quite content that is over.

guess my boyfriend might want to tinker with it and getting it going again - as my dad would have done - miss dad ... and that's okay because it is a light thing - as we get towards the equinox - he died in the spring but the mood changes a bit - not that it is particularly bad at the moment ... in fact it isn't bad at all.

Looked back at some of my poetry over the last few days and definitely tend to go through a dip in the first quarter of the year and sometimes a smaller one in the autumn.

Guess I'm also feeling a little nervous about deputy being back from a month's holiday and having to pick up the whole performance management process yet again. Never mind, if life was easy we would just get bored.

At least I can get another toaster tomorrow.

Really wish I could add 'toaster' to the tags on this post :)


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13 Replies

  • I think the site would be lots more fun if we could tag words like toaster, or settee! You shoud share some of your poetry ....

    PS - Russell Hobbs do good toasters x

  • There are a few poems dotted around in response to other people's posts.

    Don't really write to order and it's a few months since I wrote anything - poetry or prose. Prose bothers me more than the poetry as that is a project - finished one off and started another one last year but haven't managed to keep momentum going - must go back to it though.

    I'll see what is on offer when I do my weekly shop this morning.

  • Just to let you know - now have a Russel Hobbs - haven't used it yet but it is sitting on the side of the kitchen doing its' best to fill the hole left by its predecessor - no mean feat as predecessor was a 4 slice and this is a 2 slice

  • Yay! Has it got the settings for bagel and something else? (can't remember what!) x

  • Very basic model - no mention of bagels - have a colleague at work who does hers by sitting them on top of the toaster ... from NY I think so they obviously do things very differently there!

  • Hi Gambit

    Reading your post really made me laugh . I was visualising your poor anaemic looking toast. You sound in good form, try not to project forward about your PR thingy, you haven't control over those kind of things. Loved your photo. Look after yourself.


  • I found myself reading the title and thinking "imagine if Death of a Salesman had been Death of a Toaster?" Personally I think it would be a far more interesting play!

  • Always think of the old black and white film that used to get shown on rainy afternoons on the box when I was growing up. Can't actually remember much.

    May be you could rewrite it as death of a toaster?

    Hope the weekend is going well after all the stress last week - did you manage to get your suit?

  • Also meant to say that I can sort of understand someone wanting to play football but watching it ?!? I can sit there and do the crossword whilst my boyfriend watches the end of a match but I really can't get into it myself - funny because I really enjoy watching a good rugby match - or a game of cricket, which others would find equally puzzling.

  • Rewriting could definitely be fun...thanks for the idea! I do prefer playing to watching. I like my sport to be about technique and tactics, and for that reason I generally watch a lot of Spanish football. Or indeed the women's tournaments when they're on. I get quite into cricket for the same reason. Rugby always seems a little too one -dimensional, there only seems to be one style of play, but maybe I haven't watched enough of it.

    Complete switch of topic, but do you read any Vertigo comic series? Just cause if not, it's probably your sort of thing.

  • Will take a look at the comic series

    One of my other sports is rowing - did it at college through short and stocky so really not built for it - that's another sport where the women tend to be much better at the technique - well, got to make up for the lack of enormous amounts of power somehow!

  • Not related to your toaster but I noticed I have my peaks and lows according to the weather, well, the seasons actually. Pretty sure it's common with everyone, so, there, a new toaster will be a good reason to feel cheery again :)

  • Think Seasonally Affected Depression is quite common - most people think it is a winter thing but there are also people who get hit in the summer, and those like me who find the autumn and spring difficult.

    I find I get loads of headaches when air pressure is changing - sleeping propped up at night can help with those ... also get migraines but they are hormonal - but the two coinciding is a bit of a bummer!

    New toaster does the job though I think I may need to get a cover for it as it gets very hot - nearly burnt my fingers when I touched it the first time I used it. However, I guess that means it's got character and it's character that counts :)

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