Feeling really low

Am feeling really low today, when I got up this morning wished I had enough pills for an overdose. Just want to turn my head off. Have struggled today and gone through the motions. Feel guilty for making my husband worry about me, can't cope at work and can't cope at home. Saw my CPN yesterday but wasn't that much help. I know I have to hang in there, but really don't feel like I want to.

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  • Hi. Sorry you're having such a horrid time at the moment. I know what you mean about feeling guilty. I feel awful because I'm depressed and worse still because of the worry I believe I cause those I love. I have tried to be kind to myself though recently and ask myself what would I say if the roles were reversed? If they were I would just want to ensure I did all I could to help my husband through it. Also I've found CBT to be a useful approach to challenge negative thoughts. Don't know whether you've looked into or have received this?

    Hold on in there. I can see a light at the end of my tunnel of depression, some days it does look like a tiny candle glimmering. I hope yours becomes a brilliant shining light soon.

    Take care.

    Sue xx

  • sorry you are feeling low raymond, will your gp sign not you off for a week or two?

    there is a list of useful helplines below that you might think of calling.

    I've called the samaritans a few times just to be able to talk to someone about how I truly feel. they are not just for suicides and they can and do help.

    On one time I hardly said a clear word, I just cried, quietened, and wept silently in turns..

    the samaritan just said

    "I'm here. Do you want me to chat to you?" [sob]

    "if you don't want to talk that's ok. I'm here for as long as you want."

    he softly said " I'm still here." a few times.

    he was everything I needed at that to me.

    when I felt I wanted to hang-up I said thanks and he said "we are always here."

    I hope he knew how much he'd helped me.

    please keep in touch.



    below is a list of helplines, I hope you will consider calling at least one.

    Mind Infoline

    Information service for users of mental health services, carers and other groups. Information on types of mental distress, treatments, therapies and legal


    08457 660163 (9.15am – 4.45pm everyday)

    Languages: Use of Language Line.

    Fax: 020 8522 1725

    E-mail: contact@mind.org.uk



    SANE services provide practical help, emotional support and specialist information to individuals affected by mental health problems, their family, friends



    Helpline: 0845 767 8000 (6pm – 11pm)

    SANEmail: sanemail@sane.org.uk

    Support Forum: sane.org.uk/DB

    The Samaritans

    The Samaritans provide 24 hour, confidential, emotional support for anyone in crisis.

    08457 909090 (24 hours)


    Phone: 08457 90 90 90

    Anxiety UK


    Call us 08444 775 774 Mon to Fri 09:30-5:30

    We are the leading charity for anxiety disorders and all out therapist are experts in the field. You can access to reduced cost therapy to help you in the

    long term.

  • Hi Raymond

    I am sorry your feeling so low & I understand exactly how you feel. I have enough pills to take but I could'nt do it to my son & parents, they are the only reason I have'nt tried. I do however wish when I fall asleep I would'nt wake up & then I spend time feeling guilty about the thoughts going through my head etc.

    My CPN came out for a home visit & I found her not to be helpful or want to listen as she keptooking at her watch. She gave me leaflets to look at about joining a group not too far from where I live for wee courses they run, It looks interesting enough but a few of the things are held in my local community centre so I would no way go to them because the vommunity centre is run by people from the area & I know them, they thrive on gossip & I would not want to be part of it, not want them to know anything about me. I had built myself up to tell her so much but she obviously did'nt have the time or want to listen. She said I can see you have a lovely clean home & are not living in squalid conditions?!!! I was mad about that & felt that was the only reason she called out. I live on my own & spend most of my time in my bedroom & I do have to pace myself & clean every week. I coulx'nt live in squalid conditions, so that made me feel I dont have depression because I have a clean home. Also, I cleaned because I knew she was comming.

    She did however tell me she had spoken to a Consultant Physciatrist & she had requested my notes from the Mental Health Unit of my local Hospital & I'll recieve an appointment in the post. The Consultant has recieved them & when she see's me will probably change my meds. I hope she has the time to listen to me. I cant face another 20 years of feeling like this.

    Please know that you are not alone there are a lot of us who feel like you do & comming on here helps as we all feel the same & no-one will judge us.

    I hope you start to feel better soon. I know it will be a long hard drag but we will get tgere one day at a time.

    Best wishes

    Jackie xx

  • Hi

    Oh that does sound sad, to be feeling so low. I don't have anything to add to what other people have already said at this time but I hope you begin to feel better. If you feel you want to write more about what makes you feel so low you will find a lot of support on the website.

    Take care,


  • Hi there, how are you. It's very hard when you feel so bad, but you did one positive thing for asking for a bit of support here. I' know what it's like,at least if I feel Depressed I don't have the worry of someone worrying about me, I live alone. When I feel very depressed it helps to share how your feeling. Also nothing stays the same for long and sometimes a day can turn the mood around. I hope you feel a bit better soon.


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