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My Current Stack - What is yours?

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This is my latest stack. I have not been diagnosed with PD. I have REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, a sore left shoulder, sore left leg, not the best balance in the world (it never was great) and some involuntary muscle movements (nothing big or repetitive. A few times a day).

1. 8 ounces of broccoli sprouts with 4 ounces of Daikon Radish sprouts with oil and vinegar dressing. Have between 8:30 AM and 12:00 PM so I am boosting Nrf2 while my circadian rhythm is on the upstroke.

2. lactobacillus Casei Shirota (Yakult): Anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, reduces cortisol levels.

3. Dr. Matthew Best Prebiotics and Probiotics for Women. It has (among other things):

- Lactobacillus acidophilus

- Lactobacillus reuteri

- Bifidobacterium bifidum

- Lactobacillus fermentum

4. Vinpocetine: 30 mg twice a day (with food or your body absorbs nearly none of it). Supposed to increase blood flow to the brain.

5. Niacin Rapid Release 150 mg in the morning and 150 mg at night.

6. L Methylfolate 15 mg (for depression).

7. Lithium Orotate 15 mg. This is for depression AND it may be neuroprotective. They are doing a trial on Lithium for PD in Buffalo.

8. B12 5000 mcg.

9. Magnolia Bark Extract 400 mg (90% Honokiol and Magnolol) at night. This is supposed to help with REM Sleep Behavior Disorder and be neuroprotective. I get this from Swanson cheap.

10. S Boulardii (to kill pathogens). I don't take this every day, but I think I should.

11. Mixture of 2.5 grams ground Nigella Sativa, and 2.2 grams Ceylon Cinnamon, and 600 mg of Organic Licorice Root Extract 20:1 Powder and 600 mg of UM Palmitoylethanolamide. I mix this with some peanut butter and raw honey and eat with a spoon in the middle of the day. These are all antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. I'm trying to treat my microbiome from mouth to gut.

12. NAC 1200 mg with Taurine 1000 mg: 1 hour before bed.

13. 600 mg Palmitoylethanolamide before bed.

14. I also listen to Binaural Beats for about an hour a day:

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I should have added: Is my stack working? I don't know. I think I am about the same as I was a year ago. My shoulder might be a little better.

Bolt, have you tried feldenkrais with alfons for the shoulder? On youtube. Helped mine enormously.. can be done even in bed. chelo

Very cool!

He is a great and fun teacher! Enjoy

I don't take everything consistently

NAC 1/2xday

Tudca 1/1xday

calcium/magnesium/butyrate 2/2xday

DHEA plus 1/1xday

pregnenolone 1/1xday

berberine 1/2xday

B6 complex 1/1xday

curcumin 1/2xday

Kyolic 1/2xday

Ox Bile 1/2xday

Moducare 1/2xday

magnesium threonate 1/2xday

liposomal vit C 1000/2xday

B12 1000mcg 1/1xday

Glutathion liposomal spray 2pumps/2xday

methylcobolamin synapsin nasal spray 2mg/100mg/mL 2 sprays/2xday/each nostril


Prebiotics--brand varies, most recently ordered Bened Life's neurolli, PS128 (studies on PD)

BodyBio's--PC complex of Phospholipids 2T/day

BodyBio's--Body Balance oil 2T/day

BulletProof's--Brain Octane MCT oil 2T/day

D3 K2 5,000 IU/day

cinnamon gummies 2000mg 1/2xday

magnesium citrate 150mg/nightly

melatonin 10mg/nightly

BulletProof's--Innerfuel prebiotic 1 scoop

BulletProof's--collagen powder 1 scoop

1/4 tsp cinnamon in coffee


Tru Niagen 1/1xday

MitoQ 1/2xday

lithium orotate 1/2xday

citicoline 1/2xday

B1 2/2xday

That is quite a list. Is it helping?

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MBAnderson in reply to gaga1958

gaga, Dave's thread re Berberine didn't scare you off? How come?

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gaga1958 in reply to MBAnderson

I found Chartist counter compelling, and I have a functional dr appt next month where we will discuss adding or subtracting this and all my supplements.

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MBAnderson in reply to gaga1958

I must have missed Art's counter. Is it on the same thread?

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gaga1958 in reply to MBAnderson

yes, it is.



I am not sure why you are going back and looking at older animal studies when newer human studies do not confirm the animal studies regarding berberine. In this recent human study, they used a dose that would be a human equivalent dose to the doses used in the animal PD model for 3 months and, btw, this is a low dose compared to the dosing used in other berberine studies. What it showed is that it corrected some gut biome irregularities, and it significantly reduced the inflammatory mediators IL-6, IL-8 and TNF-alpha. It is already established that all three of these inflammatory mediators and gut dysbiosis have a negative impact on PD patients including neuronal damage.

After 3 months of 3 times per day application of berberine to these patients, I think if increased neuron damage was occurring there would have been an overall negative impact in these patients in terms of day to day activities and function, but such was not reported in the study.

Look at the graph in the study showing the inflammatory marker levels. These are substantial reductions that would be good for any person with a disease that has elevated inflammatory levels and in the case of PD, would likely slow the disease process. Based on other non PD/ berberine studies, they got these results with a relatively low dose of berberine in the PD patients. One can only wonder what those inflammatory marker levels would have been had they used a dose similar to what is used in human diabetes/berberine and other studies.

One reason why I feel that the animal PD model study does not apply to humans is because it is already established that berberine in humans has very poor bioavailability and as such the majority of its beneficial effects are thought to be provided through gut biome manipulation while very little of the berberine goes into circulation. Berberine in humans has less than 1% bioavailability.




I think the inflammatory mediators are doing as much or more damage in the brain and body than the PD animal models showed from berberine.

If the animal model applied to humans in this case, then I think that the people with diabetes who have been taking berberine at high dose for years as part of their treatment would already being showing signs of PD as people with diabetes are at 31% greater risk for PD. Diabetics using berberine are using a very significantly higher dose of berberine than the human converted dose from the animal PD model studies. We are not seeing studies or reports confirming that diabetics using high dose berberine are increasing the rate of PD conversions.

I think it would be a bad idea to assume that rats and humans have the same gut microbiome, they don't.


how to tell? that's the mill$ questionI was diagnosed 10/2014 and my dr and I feel I am doing great. I don't ask or want to know what score i get at my dr appts bcuz I dont want to fail to the number. I am on sinamet 25/100 2/3xday. I am a wanna be keto eater, meaning i strive but fall short.

I walk most days at least 2 miles, I have a personal movement disorder exercise

coach 1 day/wk, I go to 2 different exercise groups 4 days a week.

i think i'm going to order the neuronic photobiomodulation helmet soon.

Thanks for sharing. It does sound like you are doing great.

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MBAnderson in reply to gaga1958

let us know what your doc says

Thanks Dave.

I do not recall if you have already seen this by me regarding folate:

Folate Supplementation Carcinogenic

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MBAnderson in reply to park_bear

folate is in so many foods, it can't really be eliminated. (vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, peas, seafood, eggs, dairy products, meat, poultry, and grains, etc.)

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park_bear in reply to MBAnderson

The folate in food is necessary - it is an essential vitamin. Supplementing with more, however, is too much - it promotes excess cell division.

Thank you PB. You are always so caring.

At present, I am more concerned with my depression than any risk of cancer. On the other hand, I am always looking to cut a supplement and my depression has not improved since starting L-Methylfolate. I am considering cutting this supplement just to get my stack down.

This article has a scary title, but basically says it is effective for depression, but maybe not for bipolar disorder.

L-Methylfolate: Augmenting Agent May Contribute to Agitation and Mania 2020

"L-methylfolate is the only form of folate that can cross the blood-brain barrier, where it plays an essential role in the one carbon cycle metabolic pathway that is required for the production of the monoamines serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine."

Now that im insomniac ill try. Morning 9am. Opicapone to deal with off time. Trajenta for diabetes. Vit d3 4000mg b12 1000mg c1800mg aquahydration women 1 or 2 drops. acidophilus 1 cap omega 3 one gel Madopar 100/50 4 times a day. (I stopped mucuna) vit b1 500mg. (For now, will increase) red yeast rice, siberian ginseng, l tyrosyne, gluthathione, magnesium threonate. Ceylon cinnamon one spoon with breakfast oats berries or with green smoothie. Smoothie with moringa, chia spirulina wheatgrass fruit and greens, picamilon 1 cap , ginger and turmeric on smoothie. Water and lemon and different herbs from garden. At night gabapentin 10mg melatonin and magnesium citrate. Walk 4 k a day. If good i dance. Starting chi kung with mingtong gu, listen to binaural sometimes. Waiting for my red light helmet. Bowen therapy once every two weeks.Increasing ideas but not always easy because of how expensive all is. I wish i could concentrate my needs in one pill!!!or one smoothie, or one salad...i never liked meds, now i seem to be feeding myself on pills...

Thanks Hekatemoon!

"3. Dr. Matthew Best Prebiotics and Probiotics for Women... " Why are you taking prebiotics and probiotics for women? Or have I been assuming your gender wrongly all these months 😅?

I Can't see red light therapy. You used to have it in your stack, why did you loose faith in RLT?

Also when these supplements and meds get these many, you can't prevent some of them interacting with each other resulting in unpredictable outcomes. Are you not weary of this happening? (…might not be the case if many of your list are food supplements tho). I limit what I take to the best 6 (or 7 max). But that's just me

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MBAnderson in reply to Grumpy77

True enough. I believe I could find a negative study on everything I take.

As for the Dr Matthew, I read an article on the benefits of these 4 probiotics:

- Lactobacillus acidophilus

- Lactobacillus reuteri

- Bifidobacterium bifidum

- Lactobacillus fermentum

So I set about looking for them, and all 4 were in Dr Matthew.

Probably not the same strains, but at least they were the same probiotics. In the ball park.

I also like that Dr Matthew strains are all from the body, not from the dirt. They are colonizing.

For the red light, I stopped for 2 reasons:

1: I am lazy.

2: My wife is afraid I will blind myself if I don't cover my eyes, which ties into my laziness. If I could point it at the back of my head while goofing off I might use it more.

I should find a way to use it some, but like you said, I also try to limit my stack. My red light is a $40 bulb from eBay.

My first point in my reply above, I was asking why are you taking prebiotics and probiotics for women and not for men? Or was it a typo that you wrote women?

I don't think those micro-organisms know if they are for men or women :)

I found all four probiotics in one product. I score that as a win.

Still if the manufacturers stick "for women" on the label, they're not stupid,.. they did that because they optimised it for women for energy management and hormones purposes (since this is different for men and women)

Which means they would have similar drug that does the same thing but optimised for men. So why did you choose to take the one optimised for women and not for men?

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Grumpy77 in reply to Grumpy77

Sorry for my insistence on this question... the perfectionist side of my brain wouldn't let it go 😄

The reason they put "for women" on labels is for marketing (IMO).

Right. So in your opinion, sticking a label that the drug is for half of the population does a marketing magic (than if they had left it as a general both gender drug)

I get you now, Bolt, thanks

Gender specific packaging has stronger effect on women

"New research by easyFairs, organizers of Packaging Innovations London 2014, suggests women are over four times as likely to be susceptible to personalized packaging, than men.

A study of 500 marketing and packaging professionals found that personalized or gender specific packaging had a stronger effect on women than men.

Of those polled, 43 percent said women favored ‘branded personality’ packaging. The divide is just as strong between children; 37 percent of marketers said that girls are more likely to be attracted to gender specific packaging in contrast to just 10 percent suggesting boys.

Gender specific packaging, such as "Yorkie - it's not for girls", “McCoy's - Man Crisps” and "Lambrini girls just wanna have fun", has reportedly increased brand awareness and the product bottom line. Reflecting this, 42 percent of those questioned thought gender cues in packaging sells more product.

Cosmetics/toiletries (86 percent) and fashion (67 percent) were thought to be the sectors which relied most on gender specific packaging, followed by toys (49 percent) and alcohol (37 percent). Some 40 percent claimed stereotyped packaging is just responding to what boys and girls prefer.

It was believed by 29 percent that a company would lose sales if it adopted gender neutral packaging, with 28 percent thinking gender specific packaging is a ‘smart marketing move’. Over 39 percent have considered integrating pack gender bias to improve sales.

However, 33 percent of the packaging professionals said they expect to see an increase in gender-neutral packaging. Possibly an impact from campaigns such as ‘Let Toys Be Toys’, a group which has been canvassing the UK’s largest retailers to remove gender labels on its packaging.

‘Brand personalities are a set of values with which consumers identify’, commented Alison Church, event director, easyFairs. ‘Many brands will work hard to attract a specific gender group, as it’s a tempting way to differentiate it from other similar brands in a sometimes crowded homogeneous product class.

‘The problem comes when the packaging plays on stereotypes; we all know that towards the end of last year, after customer complaints, Marks & Spencer agreed to make its toy packaging gender neutral by spring 2014, and they weren’t the only retail chain to do this. Most brand managers work hard to ensure their packaging catches the shopper’s eye whoever the target market is, irrespective of their gender. That’s why at the show we expect to see every kind of new concept – no matter what niche or group someone is targeting, there will be a packaging ideas to inspire them.’

The research was conducted on behalf of Packaging Innovations London, co-located with Luxury Packaging, which takes place at the Business Design Centre September 30 and October 1, 2014. "

Wow, so this research "outcome" has made you to now disregard gender labels on medications. Aside from the fact that, logically, getting more sales when your label excludes half of the population doesn't add up to any sense, don't you think any marketing gimmicks like that shouldn't include pharmacologies because of the special ethics standards they have to abide with due to the delicate importance of drugs

Of course drug companies still do their own marketing claims where they often exaggerate the workings of their supplements or drugs... but your logic and interpretation of this gender label thing completely baffles me

But hey Bolt, follow your guts, its a free world. Have a great day

Niagen = nicotinamide riboside

Lithium Orotate

Multiple vitamin, whole plant, one per day with meals

EGCG = epigallocatechin gallate





Melatonin; 12 mg/day at bedtime.

Turmeric curcumin with black pepper


DHA = Omega-3

B1 100 mg sublingual & 1,500 mg/day orally HCL

Vitamin D = 5K – 10K IUs/day

Super B Complex; 100 mg, 2/week



Magnesium L-Threonate

Thanks Marc!

Thanks for sharing, Bolt.

I am still trying to figure out what it is best for my body (1 year into this)


1 x 25/100 C/L - 2 x day (started in January 2022)

50 mg sublingual B1 - 1 x day

Mg L-threonate 300 mg 1 x day

B12 - 2400 mg x 1 day

Mannitol 1 tsp x 1 day

Cylon cinnamon 1/4 tsp x 1 day

Washl protocol type diet

Exercise (walk and boxing)



Red coronet helmet


Broccoli seed tea (1gr)


hydrogen water


fish oil


Vit D

Vit C

I did a treatment with my naturopath to fix my gut and she wants me to do a heavy metal chelation.

As many, I don't really know what if anything is helping but I am hoping/trusting it is.

Thanks for sharing! I need to remember to have hydrogen water (if for nothing else to justify the $189 I spent on that gadget). :)

1. Shilajit2. Ashwagandha

3. Bacopa monnieri

4. Coq10

5. Vit E

6. B complex

7. Vit D

Thanks! Interesting:

"Parkinson's disease (PD) is a common neurodegenerative disorder characterized by loss of dopaminergic neurons in substantia nigra region and the presence of α-synuclein aggregates in the striatum and surrounding areas of brain. Evidences suggest that neuroinflammation plays a role in the progression of PD. We examined the neuro-protective effects of Bacopa monnieri (BM) in regulating neuroinflammation. Administration of BM suppressed the level of pro-inflammatory cytokines, decreased the levels of α-synuclein, and reduced reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation in PD animal model. Pre-treatment of BM showed more prominent results as compare to co- and post-treatment. Results suggest that Bacopa can limit inflammation in the different areas of brain, thus, offers a promising source of novel therapeutics for the treatment of many CNS disorders."

unbelievable. Just look at the time you spend obtaining, sorting and taking all that stuff when instead you could have a life.

People with illness anxiety disorder -- also called hypochondria or hypochondriasis -- have an unrealistic fear that they have a serious medical condition or fear that they're at high risk of becoming ill. They may misinterpret typical body functions as signs of illness.

You need professional help,

Question: what illnesses are you trying to treat and who diagnosed these illnesses, you. ?

Now here we have a group of several Hypochondriacs sharing their lists, maybe you are not a hypochondriac ,maybe you are really sick and dying or maybe it is schizophrenia or maybe a giant tumor in your head that makes you think you are sick.

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Buckholt in reply to Gymsack

That’s a bit unfair. Few people are prepared to just sit around and do nothing in the face of a progressive illness. It’s surely quite natural to investigate home remedies and simple therapies that may not cost very much, but ideas that the scientific community has no profit motive to pursue. Personally I only take a few vitamins, but fully understand those that take more. You never know, someone someday may stumble upon something!

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gaga1958 in reply to Gymsack

“Little grumpy some days . I try to be civil, I will try harder when I can“. Having a rough day Gymsack?

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Bolt_Upright in reply to Gymsack

So... what's in your stack Gymsack? Is it just the number of things we are taking?

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MBAnderson in reply to Gymsack

I'm proud to be a hypochondriac. It is a demonstration of self worth.

My being a hypochondriac led me to this forum, which caused me to pick up on Lena's discovery, which led me to Switzerland & FUS PTT, which allows me to have symptoms for 13 years and still be drug free.

Long live hypochondria!!

Gymsack profile image
Gymsack in reply to MBAnderson

Admitting that you have a problem is a giant break through

Every thing I take is prescribed by an MD

I am not grumpy,everything I said is true and correct

Bolt is fighting trouble sleeping , a sore left shoulder, sore left leg, poor balance and some involuntary muscle movements

with 22 supplements

he is sick , just not what he thinks

There is little sense trying to make a hypochondriac see the danger in what he is doing especially when he receives support from other hypochondriacs and they hold their Pity Party.

MBA "My being a hypochondriac led me to this forum, which caused me to pick up on Lena's discovery, which led me to Switzerland & FUS PTT, which allows me to have symptoms for 13 years and still be drug free."

SO WHAT ? what did that do for you

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gaga1958 in reply to Gymsack

Read your profile Gymsack. It’s your quote. ““Little grumpy some days . I try to be civil, I will try harder when I can“.

Chillax dude

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Gymsack in reply to gaga1958

Not grumpy todayfeeling fine


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gaga1958 in reply to Gymsack

You are also on this forum so clearly you have an interest in being knowledgeable about everything that’s on this site, as we all are. 😊

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MBAnderson in reply to Gymsack

Clearly, you're having a really bad day. You are forgiven.

"... and they hold their Pity Party." What are you talking about??

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Bolt_Upright in reply to Gymsack

Thank you Gymsack. I appreciate somebody telling me I am fine. I am probably not fine, but I still appreciate it.

I don't have trouble sleeping. I actually sleep well. It is just that I act out my dreams sometimes. REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. 50% conversion to PD within 5 years, 80% conversion to PD within 12 years. In my RBD group you can see people gradually move from the idiopathic RBD to the PD group.

And I have the sore left shoulder and sore left leg. And some balance issues. And sometimes seborrheic dermatitis on my face (one time I had it in my ear!). And formication in both legs. And frequent Orthostatic hypotension (one time I could not stand up at all and we called an ambulance and by the time I got to the hospital I was fine).

The good news is I think I am getting better. My shoulder is a lot better. My face dandruff has been gone for over a week. I usually don't have to hold onto something when I stand up.

I count 17 supplements if you count the Binaural Beats.

You should join Marc's Zoom calls. There is no pity on the Zoom calls. There are earnest hopeful people earnestly being hopeful.

I am serious about appreciating your thinking I am okay. And serious about you joining the Zoom calls. They are nice:

Saturdays, 7 PM – 8 PM-ish, US Central Daylight Time (GMT–6.)

Sundays, 11 am – 12 PM-ish, US CDT.

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kevowpd in reply to Bolt_Upright

Has MBA appointed you chief marketing officer for the calls? 😜

Bolt_Upright profile image
Bolt_Upright in reply to kevowpd

I'm just happy Marc tolerates my inviting more people. :)

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MBAnderson in reply to kevowpd

Yes, and you're welcome, too.

I popped in again last Sunday, whilst I had a Sunday pass, to see Marc, and it was the Wriga broccoli tea club again. It seems to have narrowed to that function

The first 45 minutes were not about broccoli tea. Broccoli Tea picks up in the last 15 minutes and then runs into the next hour. There is also a separate broccoli tea call, so I think this little bit on Marc's Sunday call is just to clue people in to what is happening.

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