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Cryotherapy for Pain Treatment & Risedronate for Osteoporosis

Good Morning Warriors,

Has anyone ever heard of or know about Cryotherapy?

My daughter would like me to try this treatment, apparently it has been used in the medical field in European countries for RA among other things. It is now in the states and in some spas, but, I believe, mostly for athletes.

I have been diagnosed with Autoimmune to include Celiac, RA, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Thyroid, & Fibromyalga (?). Presently on Diclofinac, Methrotrexate, Acterma, Steroid, and Tramadol. I'm 62 and have been traveling this road for 4 years now. The Osteoporosis is new and my RA wanted me to take the prolea shot (which I declined because it's 1 shot every 6 months). Now she's given me Risedronate SOD tablets to be taken once a month. However the side effects are some symptoms I already have and joint pain being the main one. Just wondering if anyone else has used this?

This has been such an interesting journey and I feel so grateful and blessed to have found this site.

Here's to a happy and wonderfully pain free new year!


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"Cryotherapy" -- does that mean there's a lot of weeping involved? 😭 (Sorry, sorry . . . 🙃 Bad joke, TerryV. 😉)

If this helps at all, here's the Search results of "cryotherapy" ❄️ in all of HU's forums:

(There may be some useful insights in some of the posts.)


Sounds like you've been handed 'the whole megillah' of autoimmunity‼️ (As if 1 on it's own, isn't enough!! 😳 ) Gawd bless you for hanging in there, dear lady. 🙏 And, thank goodness you've a daughter so concerned about her mum's health. 👍 🤗

If you're not aware of these forums already, TerryV, they may be additional useful information & support for you as well:



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Feel free to join in. 👍 Lots of lovely people from 'round the globe 🌎 🌍 🌏 helping each other. (Thank goodness for the Internet age! 😃 )

Wishing you the very best, TerryV. 🙏 🍀 🌺 ☺️


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Thank you for all the information I will certainly look them up and btw I Loved your response to the cryotherapy 😂

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I am a Physical Therapist ( who has RA) & cryotherapy in its simplest form is using ice/cold packs/ice water baths & the like as a treatment. The goal is usually to decrease pain and inflammation- both of which are common with your diagnoses. I cannot provide medical advice for you, but I will say the biggest problem I see is using ice too ling. It is usually recommended for 15-20 mins then remove the ice pack, if left on too long the area can cause an increase in blood flow (the opposite of what you are trying to do with ice therapy) as the body will then try to combat frostbite. You can use direct ice but then you would use it for 30 seconds to a few mins while rubbing the ice over the area- people are less fond of this over an ice pack (& using a towel to protect the skin) because the ice melts & you have to clean up the water & you have to keep the ice moving throughout the application. Hope this helps! Cryotherapy can be a great non-invasive way to immediately reduce pain & swelling. Good luck!

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