Sleepless in Orlando!

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this site, and it's so nice to have a group to discuss things about our RA that many others just don't understand.

I have been on methotrexate and steroid treatment for almost a year, and just started Humira 2 months ago. Though I'm feeling better pain wise, I am having awful sleep issues, due to the steroids. My doc has started weaning me off of them, and I'm now down to 2mg. of Rayos a day. My question is.....does the Humira also have steroids? And is anyone else having trouble sleeping? I just feel like I'm speeding and hate the feeling! I have always been able to sleep well, and take a quick nap at the drop of a hat. No more. I'm lucky to get 6 hours a night and I hate it!

Thanks for any input/advice!


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  • No Humira does not steroids. When do you use your Humira pen?

  • I use it every 2 weeks. It is 40mg. Maybe the steroids take a while to get out of your system. I weaned from 10mg a day down to 1mg a day last week. This is first week off of them, and I still feel like I'm on them!

  • How is your joints handling no steroids? It should have woren off by now. I can not spell im srry lol. What time do u use the Humira? Maybe use in the am

  • so far joints are ok. More morning stiffness, but not horrible. Just started Humira 2 months ago, and doc says it takes a while, so now that I'm off steroids, we'll see how this works. From all I have read and been exposed to since my diagnosis last year, I can see that everyone is different and reacts to medications differently, etc.

  • While I have never been a good sleeper, sleep is now even more restless & challenged with RA! I think it is due to my pain & stiffness, however, as I am not on steroids. I will say I am in the process of eating according to the Paddison program & my energy levels have definitely increased in the few short days sunce I started. But my sleep patterns are no better yet. Since steroids have a side effect of insomnia, can you/do you take your dose in the morning?

  • I haven't heard of the Paddeson program. I am assuming it is an anti inflammatory diet? I will look it up! Thanks!

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