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I have ulcerative colitis and was wondering even with the mescaline I take daily whether probiotics would help.

Would anyone recommend the best to take.

Thanks Lynda

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Lots of people find probiotics helpful so it certainly wouldn’t do any harm to try. I will say to go slowly at first and you may need to shop around for one that suits. My son used Renew life ultimate flora but there are so many more that others swear by. Good luck!

Thankyou I have look at that one , might give it a got this weekend. Thank you Lynda xx

I never found probiotic supplements any help and actually some make things much worse ! However since having my gallbladder removed and suffering badly afterwards with bile acid diarrhoea and a flare up I now have an Activia live yoghurt everyday and it's definitely helped and nicer than downing yet more pills.

Thankyou for I was not really sure I will stick to the yogurt. Thankyou x

I make my own milk kefir - dead easy- and goes nicely on my breakfast every morning.

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Bluegirl1948 in reply to Lifluf

Thankyou I will look into that x

I recently started taking a probiotic to help with my UC and poor diet due to a lack of motivation during lockdown. It's too soon for me to tell you whether they're having a positive impact on my life.

You may not be aware but there are initially side effects, mainly an urgency to poo which is quite smelly. This usually goes after a couple of weeks. When you think about it logically it's your gut reacting to the (positive) changes. Google side effects but don't let it put you off.

Thankyou x

I started drinking kefir after my last flare up last year and have been fine since I have it everyday

It’s looks good going to get some xxx

I don’t have UC but do have Crohns and have found Activia Yogurt has been a big help. I know it doesn’t help everyone and not sure whether it will for UC but it would certainly be worth a try. It took about 10-12 days for me to notice a difference. I have from time to time stopped taking it to see what might happen and each time I had some symptoms return after a few days. To the best of my knowledge there is no downside so certainly worth a try.

Good luck.

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Bluegirl1948 in reply to jackdup

Thankyou xx

Hi Lynda. I was diagnosed with UC about 3 years ago; taking 2.4g mesalazine normally to keep things in check. I have recently increased my dosage to 4.8g as I have been flaring. I have looked into probiotics which I narrorwed down to three - vsl3, alfroex and hey nutrition. I decided to go with hey nutrition due to the number of strains,good reviews and 60 day money back gurantee.I am impressed with the increased energy and reduced brain fog that these pills bring - however i did intially underestimate the power! I was taking two pills in the morning (as per the instructions) which brought on gas pains and bloating - after trial and error, I settled with just one pill before bed which seems to work much better for me. My stomach feels settled - now 90% of the time. So yes I would say it's worth to try but you may need to experiment with the dosage to see what works best for you. Last thing, probiotics are very expensive so don't buy too many until you find the brand/strains which work best for you. Best of luck. x Frank.

Thankyou xx

Hi LyndaI have UC and have found quality yoghurt to be a daily help. Take it easy on Keffir though, gave me a mini flare but settled quite quickly. Definitely go for the natural rather than supplements! x

Thankyou xx

My daughter has UC. I thoroughly recommend looking at this amazing lady's instagram. Her advice and live talks have been brilliant ... For anyone 😊@farzanahnasser_nutrition

I will Thankyou xx

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