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Confused with my B12 results


I had a private blood test for B12 and it was 239 (191 - 663) so I thought I would get my active B12 checked and result has come back with 148 (25.1 - 165). I presumed the active B12 would be low so now I am confused what to do? I've bought B12 supplements to take but unsure whether I should be taking them now? My folate is 6.98 (4.6 - 18.7) and vit D 57 (50-200) and cortisol 137 at 11am. I have Hashi's, colitis & endometriosis and recently I have had chest pain, breathing problems, aches and pains, heaviness and extreme tiredness. Thanks for any suggestions Jo xx

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Hi all levels are within normal range albeit the low end of normal.

Vit B are water soluble vitamins and your body will only store what you need and excrete the rest in urine, so taking supplements wont harm you at all, although Vit B taken in natural sources in food is better than supplements.

Vit D is a fat soluble vitamin and stored in the liver. a lose dose of vit D may be beneficial - take with calcium as this helps with absorption

Cortisol levels should be taken first thing in morning (8am) normal levels are 138-635 nanomoles per liter (nmol/L) around 7am then taper off during the day, so as your level was 137 at 11am is nothing to worry about.

Hope this helps x


Thanks for your reply Willow - my Synacthen test came out normal too (just heard from my Endo) so I guess I am never going to know why I feel so terrible but my bloods are normal. Feeling frustrated :o//


think it goes with IBD, I have crohns and enterpathic arthritis because of it. every day is a battle with the fatigue - but we just keep going dont we x

take the vit B supps thy may help x


Your VitD is very LOW and you need to supplement. Take it with good fats. VitD improves the uptake of calcium from foods - so to ensure the calcium goes to the bones and teeth - also take VitK2. Too much calcium in the arterial system is not good. Do not add calcium to your supplements unless you have been tested first. I would suggest a dose of VitD of around 4500 IU's. I think low VitD could explain some of your symptoms.

As you have Hashimotos - me too ! - do you know your FT3 level - the most active thyroid hormone. Going gluten free should help your gut issues and help to reduce your thyroid anti-bodies. Healing the gut is key.

Which B12 tablet have you purchased ? What dose are you planning on taking ? Do take a GOOD B Complex to improve your Folate levels. Thorne Research B Complex contains Methylfolate - which some say is better absorbed than Folic Acid - which is synthetic. The Active B12 test indicates the amount of B12 in the blood that is available to be transported to the cells - where it is needed. It does not tell you what is in the cells - so it is only a guide. I would supplement.

I am not a medic - just a Hashimotos girl - with Crohns - and a B12 issue :-)


Hi Marz,

Thank you for replying to me.

I've now started taking vit D3 with K & A every other day, I think the dosage is 3,500iu. I've also started taking Igennus Vit B Supercomplex with vit C. It contains VitB12 Methylcobalamin with all the other b vits including folate. I've also bought licorice to try and boots my adrenal glands too. I've only been supplementing for a week but my symptoms have all but gone apart from the horrible tiredness and dark circles round my eyes which I have always suffered with since being diagnosed with Hashi's.

My Free T3 level is 4.16 (3.1 - 6.8).

The next step is to go gluten free.

Really appreciate your advice Marz.

Jo xx


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